Side Fizzing a Bass That’s Floating in Your Livewell!

Side Fizzing a Bass That’s Floating in Your Livewell!

Well, it’s that time of year again! (Thank goodness)

Many of you are tournament bass fishermen and may already know how to ‘fizz’ your fish! This posting is for those of you that may not!

With more and more bass fishing tournaments across the nation, this is good info to copy and place in your boat along with a hypodermic needle. Just copy the content below, and you’ll have it when you need it at your next tournament. Remember, this can be done during the day, on you boat, right from your livewell! in that way, you should never suffer a ‘dead’ fish penalty, which may cost you a ‘check’! (See Link below for complete article)

Side Fizzing a Bass

1. Grasp fish by the lower jaw or around the head region, and position fish so its side is facing up and at the water surface.

2. Position the pectoral fin flat against the body in a natural relaxed position pointing toward the tail.

3. Identify needle insertion location, which is two to three scales behind the tip of the pectoral fin.

4. Orient the beveled side of the 16-gauge, 1½-inch needle facing up. At about a 10- to 20-degree angle, slide needle tip under trailing edge of a scale toward the fish’s head.

5. Submerge fish and needle, raise the needle to a 60- to 90-degree angle, and insert needle until air bubbles exit the needle base.

6. Vent small fish (less than 3 pounds) for three to five seconds and larger fish for five to eight seconds.

7. Remove the needle and observe the fish. If the fish cannot resubmerge, vent additional gas from the fish’s air bladder as described above.

8. If bubbles don’t exit the needle, check for blockage by blowing through the needle. If blockage persists, clear debris from needle using a syringe.

Here’s the original article link, to read the whole thing!!


Scientists test cures for overinflated bass.

One more thing: the average catch-and-release angler needn’t worry about fizzing bass. A fish that’s released quickly will have enough energy to fight the buoyancy and go back under. If it swims down to the approximate depth where it was caught, the air bladder will deflate and symptoms will go away.

A bass that’s held in a livewell, awaiting weigh-in at a tournament, struggles to stay submerged. “After about 10 minutes,” Myers says, “it gets exhausted and rolls upside down.”

Nobody wants to see schools of bass floating belly up at the release site of a fishing tournament. It gives tournaments a bad name. And while they’re struggling at the surface, bass run a greater-than-usual risk of being run over by boats or eaten by predators. If a needle in the air bladder can help them get home sooner, it’s better all around.

Good luck this year and here’s a link to the USA Bassin ‘Table Rock North’ division tourneys now scheduled through April on North Table Rock lake!

Randy Yancey-Tournament Bass Angler and Tournament Director/Host!

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Almost 8 Pound Largemouth Catching, Weighing and Releasing, Topwater Spook footage


Almost 8 Pound Largemouth Catching, Weighing and Releasing, Caught on Topwater Zara Spook.
Videos Catching Largemouth Bass with ‘Largemouth Bass Nations’ Randy Yancey! On Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri! Most of our Videos feature Largemouth Bass Caught on the lakes of Southwest Missouri!


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20’ Riverwild coming along. 😁
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2er Torneo del 2do Circuito de Pesca Deportiva BASS Nation Sinaloa 2017, realizado los dias 6 y 7 de mayo en la presa Adolfo López Mateos “El Varejonal”.


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Push to investigate fish kill that left at least 100,000 fish dead

Scott Sewell, conservation director of Maryland Bass Nation, talks about what he thinks is the source of the kill. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

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Shin Fukae’s secret Japan bed fishing rig for bass

Believe he calls it the “free rig” because the line moves through the dropshot weight…. It’s secret here (mostly) but getting popular in Japan. Have at it bass-peeps!


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He Choked It! – Winter Time Crankbait Bass Fishing



I went out bass fishing for some cold winter fish on Sandy River Reservoir. I managed to catch some cranking on the old faithful Rapala Shad Rap. Thanks For Watching!

Jack Dice
Obsessed Fishing 101


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Fishing New Water for Largemouth Bass in Georgia

Location: Georgia
Species: Largemouth Bass
Rod/reel: shimano excense dc paired with a Powell Inferno 7ft mh
Line: 35lb bx2 sunline braid
Lures: Wacky rigged 5 inch trigger x flutterworm
Times fishing: 6am-10am
Pattern: skipping senkos around shallow cover, slow hopping retrieve
Conditions: 75-80 degree air temp cloudy
Camera gear: GoPro hero+ LCD
GoPro hero 3 black
San disk 32gb sd card
Skeleton housing
GoPro chest mount
Apparel: huk fishing gear


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Fishing Clear, Cold Water

R & B Bass Circuit competitor Shaun Callaway and I went bass fishing March 25, 2018, in Southern Michigan. We dealt with 30+ mph wind gusts, freezing temperatures, and water temperatures in the low 40’s. Still, we caught fish on jigs, jerkbaits, shad raps, and blade baits.


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LOU DEMONTIS showcase ” Living The Dream “

Radio Atlantica showcase ” Living The Dream ” Centre Culturel Leclerc Arés …
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173rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, May 25, 2017 Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

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My Jon Boat VS. BIG Bass Boats || How’d We Do?! || Wednesday Night Bass Fishing Tournament!!

Matty Ice and I decided to start firing some shots at these Wednesday night tourneys on the Potomac river out of Aquia. We’re going to try to fish them every week – should be a fun new series for the channel & you guys will see a great river fisherman at work!!(Matt McCluskey & me as his netboy/cameraman)
In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing out of a 100k bass boat or a pool noodle, skill (and a little luck) go a long way. Yeah, those guys may get an extra hour of fishing due to speed, but we’re gonna see how we can do against them this season. Glad they let us join in their Wednesday nighters.
My goal is to post a new video every Wednesday @ 6pm for you guys so you’ll be watching our previous weeks tourney as we’re out fishing the current one! Hope you guys enjoy and are pulling for us! Let me know in the comments below if I should keep these going for this season.



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DinkFest | So Many Bass Caught

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