10 Pound Bass On A Crankbait! No Net, Had To Lip Her!

Tim lands a beautiful 10.88 lb bass on Clearlake with a Lipless Crankbait! Watch the epic battle and check out this beautiful fish when he finally gets her in the boat!

Gear Used…
The Lipless Crankbait (Aurora Black):
Replacement Split Rings (size 3):
Replacement Hooks (Size 4 and 6):

Rod- CBR 845:
Reel- Curado 70:
Line- 30 lb Sufix 832 Braid:
Leader- 15 lb Sunline Fluoro:

Best Scale:

The Lipless Crankbait is known as a great bait to catch numbers of bass but in the Spring its an amazing way to catch GIANT bass as well! Here on Clearlake the lipless crankbait catches a ton of big bass every year.

By combining the right rod and reel with the right lipless crank Tim was able to subdue this fish of a lifetime despite an epic battle!

Wondering how to fish the lipless crankbait? Check out this video…

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45 Replies to “10 Pound Bass On A Crankbait! No Net, Had To Lip Her!”

  1. Not sure if camera wasn't on or what but would have loved to see the whole fight. Great catch though can't wait to land a double digit.

  2. Absolutely great video! Love the action coverage. Funny thing is Tim played that 10.88 exactly like Matt played the 12.3 he caught with me. Such patience! You guys are terrific. And I completely agree about the Loomis CBR845-Shimano combo, although my reel is the 50mg, still the best Chronarch ever made.

  3. as long as I get to see the big girl I dont mind if it was a few weeks or months ago. I am clear across the country anyway.

  4. awesome video, I want to see yall just fish man, no music no fast forwarding. just fishing, fish catches some details of what your doing etc. that would be awesome

  5. hows it going guys i have been a long sub and i cant seem to catch bass….i live here in so cal and almost always fishing a like called silverwood lake,i have been using all the tacticts, buying the right stuff and still i cant even get a bite i am on a 3 month skunk streak and was wondering what lure can just crush these bass year around…..

  6. Lost a ten yesterday on a t-rig 🙁 got the sucker to a bulkhead on a golf course pond and this sucker made another run as I tried to lip him in the water and my rod bent and bam. All slack clean break… 20lb trilene is now a nogo for me 😅

  7. Hey what's up Matt,

    I was wondering how I should contact you about a guided trip that I want to schedule. I called the number on your website and filled out the inquiry.


  8. nice one. i fish the lipless a lot, i like it, it casts good from shore and can work it whichever water column you want, . but i still never got one on it. good job on the dd, i want to get one badly. but i dont have a scale so i have no idea even what my pb is.
    is there such thing as a cheap accurate scale? i went an bought a cloth tape measure to maybe take measurements if i get another big one. so then i can at least use math to get a close weight on my next one. nice vid cya

  9. Tim, that looked like the Aurora Black color. What type of cadence were you using?

  10. I think there's really something to be learned here.. Tim sticks a TANK and stays completely calm and doesn't rush anything. Thats something I can definitely improve on! Thanks.

  11. Matt and Tim your the only fishing YouTube channel that watch! Cause you guys actually teach me more about fishing! So please keep up the informational videos really enjoy your channel a lot!!!!!'

  12. you can't give everything away right then. I think we can (or should) all understand that. what a toad! congratulations Tim!

  13. Pretty sure if you don't lip a bass it doesn't count. Lippin' a bass is normal , lippin' a muskie is commitment.lol nice fish

  14. You are like the only other fisherman i know besides myself that is super calm and patient when fighting big fish.

  15. Wow, she was a tank! That's a great catch, congrats. Great video, keep 'em comin' guys.

  16. Best line in the whole vid: "ya, it's like 8 or 9". Who says that? Most guys overestimate by 10% and then tell you what the scale showed. As always, great demonstration of a straightforward approach to catching fish. Keep it up TB. My favorite YouTube channel!

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