100’s of BASS Underwater Footage (GoPro HERO4 Black)

Shot with a GoPro Hero 4 Black
This footage is from my fall bass fishing for schooling bass video

One of the biggest schools of bass I’ve ever found and even though most were small it was fun to fish for them. I think this epitomizes fall bass schooling up around bait and feeding in preparation for the colder months to come. I was able to utilize my usual rear mount gopro camera pole to get the deeper underwater shots in this video. Pretty cool to see how fish setup around structure and more so underneath it. And despite the abundance of bass in the area, it still made me conscientious of the fact that putting your bait in some of the tightest spots can reward you with a bite. I’m mainly talking about the 1:18 mark where there is a pile of fish underneath a branch where atop there is a tiny opening between the branches about a foot in diameter that if you were to drop a bait through, you’d probably hook into one of those fish.


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33 Replies to “100’s of BASS Underwater Footage (GoPro HERO4 Black)”

  1. I wish there were more videos of Bass underwater. Really enjoyable to see thanks 😎

  2. Enjoy all your videos Greg!! Ive learned lots. You always use a Kayak with Paddle Power. Is there a reason for not using a Kayak with a Trolling Motor?

  3. Greg, nice composition and editing to make an interesting and enjoyable video.  Yes, indeed fish gather into large schools as the water cools down.  On our larger Ozark lakes these schools (of shad, for example) are often 20-30 feet thick and 25-50 yards wide.  In many cases, there are hungry Kentucky and Largemouth bass slicing through the shad balls or lurking underneath and we catch them with jigging spoons or grubs.  All the best, Don

  4. Yo this was awesome man! I've told myself I wanna make a bass fishing montage of my catches to this song it's so sick. Loved it

  5. Very cool!!! If anything, you've helped me not second guess throwing anything, anywhere!!! My last video I managed to hit some clear water and grab a few trout catch and release underwater shots. Thanks man, stay safe!

  6. Can I have Some help I have a new channel and I need some subscribers. I would appreciate the support! And nice video btw!

  7. how do u fish around all those dinks? if u were in a tournament what would be your strategy to target in on the big fish? love the videos! I'm saving up for a kayak because of this channel thanks for the inspiration

  8. hey greg. I noticed u had a bracket mounted to your propel drive to hold your net. curious about the net u use and the bracket setup. mine is druving me crazy. im using a small frabull trout net and almost lost a 6lber last week because of my setup. btw hope your experience went well getting your propel unit fixed. hate the day when mine goes out.

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