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2017 Bassmaster High School National Championship

In the fourth year of the Costa Bassmaster High School National Championship, Kentucky Lake hosts the best young bass fishing anglers in the United States.
More high school video from Bassmaster:


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19 thoughts on “2017 Bassmaster High School National Championship

  1. Good way to not have any video coverage of the winning team bassmasters. Those boys wrecked it and we got to see none of it happen. Thanks for showing us almost an hour of video footage of all the loosing teams, when florence was across the lake tearin it up.. smh

  2. My science teacher is a super cool angler, and inspired me to start the fishing club at my school. Next step is making a team out of the club… any tips?

  3. They are gonna be some tough competitors by the time they're out of college, actually they are now

  4. Sure wish they had highschool bass fishing when I was in school although my school being small prolly wouldn't have had a team anyway 😔

  5. I live in canada and am in high school and have lots of people who are highly skilled fishermen so would it be possible to qualify for events and how would we do so.

  6. This is the reason why I lived in the States, up here in Canada, we don't have bass fishing teams at our highschools, not even the Universities have them. I'm in my senior year, I'd love to apply to the states, but I don't have 100k a year for College in the states ahaha

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