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This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles ADDED!]

On Jan. 15th, 2011, “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history.

This is a non-commercial work and is available online for free viewing and no restrictions apply to uploading/download/posting/linking – as long as no money is exchanged.

A Free DVD Torrent of the full 2 hr and 42 min film in 30 languages is also made available through the main website [below], with instructions on how one can download and burn the movie to DVD themselves. His other films are also freely available in this format.



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Subtitles provided by Linguistic Team International:


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2ª Prova – Bass Nation Portugal – Alqueva – Pesagem

1º Dia/Pesagem – 2ª Prova – Bass Nation Portugal – Alqueva


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Fall Fishing – BIG Bass in Heavy Cover – Harris Lake

One of many largemouth bass from a beautiful October day on the water caught on a swim jig in heavy cover. 10/27/17 air temp. 70, water temp. 71


Advanced Crankbait Tricks for Coldwater Bass in Grass with G-Man

Gerald Swindle favors using subtle balsa crankbaits when the water is cold; he believes their tight wiggle and muted action better mimic the subtle movements of shad in these systems during the winter and spring months. The Rapala DT 6 in Demon color ( is deadly on the Tennessee River’s Lake Guntersville during the prespawn period, so Swindle commits full days to fishing just this lure based on its proven effectiveness.

He targets grassline edges on points adjacent to deeper water during this time. They’re intersection points that gather schools of bass in transition between winter haunts and spawning flats, and a crankbait is the best way to contact these fish and trigger bites. Rather than change lures to adjust for changes in depth, Swindle keeps the DT 6 in play while adjusting line size to get the bait deeper or shallower for the situation. He also digs into the details on how he fishes the bait around eel grass to prevent fouling.

-Rapala DT Series Crankbaits (Size 6 in the Demon Color):
-Humminbird LakeMaster Plus Digital Charts (Southeast States):
-Minn Kota Ultrex i-Pilot Link Trolling Motor:
-Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Rod:
-Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reel:
-Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon Line 12, 14, 16-lb test:
-T-H Marine G-Force Trolling Motor Handle:
-T-H Marine KVD Kong Electronics Mount:

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Science is The Path to Big Bass Dreams, Science and Fishing

Understanding Science will make you a better fisherman, point blank. Science allows us to observe and adapt our fishing strategies, ultimately “Piecing the Puzzle”… This is not an attack on Politics, Religion or anybody’s beliefs. We at Big Bass Dreams are proponents of Science and all of it’s benefits. It has greatly impacted the way we approach fishing as a whole, it can help you as well… #BigBassDreams


Got some new goodies! @biodad81 #6thsense #lures #bassfishing #crankbait #jighead #bassfish #basshunter #spawnseason #fishingproblems #fishaddiction


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15 pound Largemouth Bass Underwater

A “deeper” look into the biology and ecosystems underwater across North America, focusing on the basic habits, tendencies and behaviors that give us better insight into the worlds by which we are all so fascinated by. Big Bass Dreams takes you through an underwater realm seldom explored and documented, the one in our very backyards. Learn about the basics about important prey species, the target sport fish species themselves, and the different environmental conditions in which we must decipher as we continue “Piecing the Puzzle” on each and every outing.

This installment of the series features the Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides). In this case it’s a 7 pound class male and a GIANT female of about 15 pounds give or take a pound. Fascinating for us to observe these creatures in their element, with so much to learn from just watching them.

We are actively challenging both ourselves and our viewers to elevate our game in order to become better fishermen. We hope you enjoy the series and make sure to subscribe for NEW content uploading frequently! Also hit the bell to turn on your notifications.

Order the shot of this 15 and her friends on Canvas today!


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Largemouth Bass eat a Leaf and Bird Poop!? | GoPro


0:12 Worm Lure
0:45 Leaf on a Hook
1:30 Bird Poop on Hook

Heading to a friends house the other day, I saw a culvert way down a canal that i’d never noticed before. In my experience, Largemouth Bass love culverts, so I put my boots on and hiked through the woods to get to it. I took my daughters princess rod and 1 worm to see if any fish even inhabited the area.

To my surprise, the spot was LOADED, and the bass were HUNGRY!

After catching a couple on a worm, I figured it was time to have some fun, so I tried a bare hook, but no bites… Then, i hooked on a leaf, and they hit it as soon as it hit the water! Then to make things even more ridiculous, i hooked on a piece of bird poop and ripped it across the top of the water, and BAM there was another one! You kidding me?!

It was an absolute blast, and a hysterical adventure…. Armed with only a Princess Rod and a Worm, then using whatever I could find around me as random bait. Bass will eat anything if it gets their attention. haha

**Also, sorry for the poor audio… I only had my waterproof housing to mount my @GoPro with, so the audio was muffled.


Cody Meyer Fishing for Spotted Bass with the Strike King Ocho on Bullards Bar – TW VLOG #423

To purchase the products in this VLOG –

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Heading back out to the same lake where he caught his World Record spotted bass, Cody Meyer and the TW film crew go in search of some magnum spots with the Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Ocho. Rigging the bait with a tungsten nail weight and a Owner Mosquito “Light” Hook, Cody relies on the high gear ratio of the Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning Reel to reel into the fish in a hurry. Make sure to keep it locked in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG to get more exclusive content, big bass footage, and the best products at the best prices.

Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Ocho –

Daiwa Tatula LT Spinning Reels –

Owner Mosquito “Light” Hooks –

Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Spinning Rods –

Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line –

Cuda 9″ Titanium Pistol Grip Pliers –

Strike King Rage Swimmer Swimbait –

Created to entertain and educate anglers, the Tackle Warehouse VLOG showcases Tackle Warehouse’s newest products, the hottest bass fishing techniques, and professional insight from some of the biggest names on both the FLW and Bassmasters Elite Series. Whether you’re looking for fishing rods, fishing reels, lures, line, or terminal tackle, the Tackle Warehosue VLOG delivers exclusive content that will help you fish and shop smarter and more confidently than ever before. Keep it locked into the Tackle Warehouse VLOG to get the most action-packed, bass fishing footage and the best products at the best prices.

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Happy New Year

A team of losers attempt to pull off mass revenge against a past traitor; required to win a dance competition as part of the plan, they get entangled with the presence of a somewhat unintelligent local dance performer who cannot learn the backstory of the betrayal.

Charlie, a fighter enters a dance competition to take revenge on his old enemy as he had sent his father to jail by blaming him to have stolen costly diamonds. Charlie and his group of friends take a dancer’s help to perfect the art.

They get to the finals, and according to the plan they steal the diamonds with a mysterious plan. They also win the finals and take a trophy back home along with diamonds.
A team of losers win the love of millions in their quest to pull off the biggest diamond heist ever by team India.


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