I love how my 20 RiverWild is coming along. I’m beyond excited to use it for Spring Chinook. I still have some SC fishing dates available.
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Fishing for Giant Largemouth Bass on Lake X! #Jaints

Lake X is a private Lake that I fish from time to time! Some of the best fisherman on the planet have gotten to fish here! I’m blessed to be able to go a few times a year! I took my buddy Chad with me this time and we caught a few #Jaints!
Links to the baits Below!!

Lipless Crankbait:
Football Jig:
Shakey Head:


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Bass Fishing With a Keitech Swimbait – How To Texas Rig a Swimbait

Today I’m Bass Fishing with a Keitech and I show how to Texas Rig a swimbait. I don’t fish with swim baits very often but after a day like this, my confidence has definitely gone up! I finally get that first bass on a swimbait! This particular Keitech Swimbait is an Easy Shiner. Not only do I catch bass on it, but also a gig aggressive crappie with a crazy black stripe down its back. I am fishing the swimbait near the bank with 14 lb test braid. If you want to change things up a bit, try bass fishing with a Keitech Swimbait, you can even Texas Rig it!

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Big Large mouth Bass fishing in Florida

Catching big bass #funny fishing Large mouth Bass Florida lake HUGES FISHING IN A SMALL POND, MONSTER BASS, BIG FISH, BIG BASS FISHING, FISHING A ZOOM FLUKE, WITH THE HAWGFATHER, Florida strain large mouth bass fishing,
funny fisherman
fish making noise,
must see fishing === big fish in a small body of water



Pond Hopping for Florida’s Largemouth Bass

These are all leftover pond videos from when I was home on leave! Tons of fishing content coming I mean literally everyday so subscribe and stay tuned fr more content!


Your personal style is reflected in your work that you deliver.
So when a young company like @designcafedc is set out to change the way you design your house breaking the stereo type, it becomes even more important for us to get out of the stereo type mode to showcase their work through their team.
Few images from a shoot we did for #DesignCafe # Interiordesigning #designcafe #personalstyle #womanart #womanboss #tablephoto #personalizacion #tablerocklake #womaninbiz #indoorshoot #personalizza #womansworld #peoplesmood #peopleinnature #peoplefirst #roomideas #peopleofindia #womanmodel #womanlook #womanatwork #roomporn #roomstyle #peoplegraphy #peoplewatch #photomojo #mojointeriors


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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)

For more information on the zeitgeist movie series, please visit:

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JUST BITE IT!!! Sight Fishing for Bass SECRET TIPS

Want to know the secret tips to sight fishing for bass that are locked onto beds during the spawn season? Sure, we all do! FLW Tour angler Scott Suggs is here to share the secrets on finding, aggravating and catching spotted, smallmouth and largemouth bass on the bed. If you’re tired of catching the tiny male and missing the opportunity to get that tournament-winning big fat female, this is the video for you. Want to learn how to sight fish? How to catch bass off beds? What baits to use to catch spawning bass? How to know if a bass is ready to bite? What sunglasses are best for seeing beds and the fish? Scott’s got the answers to these questions and more. Check out his full 45 minute seminar with our limited-time buy-1-get-1 first month subscription offer. That’s right, signup to watch our 400+ bass fishing videos from top tournament anglers and we’ll give you a month free with your first paid month. Act fast, this offer is subject to end any time!


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FLW Bass Fishing Pro Kevin Stewart gettin after some big ol Largemouth Bass

This is a much watch to the end video with some amazing over and under the water GoPro footage from Robert Matsuura.

Damiki Fishing Tackle – Seaguar Fluorocarbon – iRod Fishing


Beautiful country #Missouri #lakeoftheozarks


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Sight Fishing for Largemouth Bass in Northern California

Today features our friend Rick Hattaway as we spend a day on the lake doing a little sight fishing for Largemouth Bass in Northern California.

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Video has become one of the most valuable learning tools in fishing, as important to learn from as watching “tape” is in any sport. The only thing that beats it is actually LIVING it.

Tackle Breakdown for Bass-

Sunline Siglon PEx8 30lb

Sunline FC Flourocarbon Leader 12lb

Megabass 3″ Hazedong Shad

Megabass Orochi XX Drop Shot Special

Shimano Spinning Reels (3000 size)

EcoXGear Sol Jam HD Solar Waterproof Speaker – Use Code – ‘Oliver20’ and it will provide 20% off + Free Shipping


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