Bass Fishing with an Underspin and a Keitech Swimbait – Finally!

I finally caught my first bass while fishing with an underspin and a Keitech Swimbait! Similar to a spinnerbait, an Underspin has a rotating blade below the body of the lure. It gives off a lot of vibration and flash in the water. In this case it looks like a couple of swimming shad which is one type of forage for bass. Bass fishing with an under spin can be tricky around weeds or anything else that can get caught in the blade. I am excited to get my first bass fishing an underspin. It paired up well with the Keitech Swimbait.

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High Water Walleye Stockton Mo 5 6 17 and a New Hat

All fish were caught in 35 feet of water. I could not get anything but bass in shallow water in the middle of the day.
Thank you to Binks Pro Spoons
Bud & Gloria’s Bait and Tackle


BANK FISHING Trick to finding fish!!! Catch more fish from shore: catfish, bass, carp

These fishing tips will change how you catch fish from the bank. These hacks will help you locate and find fish whether they are bass, catfish or carp or any fish. Fishing from the shore can be awesome, if you know where to cast. If you want to learn how to catch bass, how to catch catfish, how to catch carp or how to catch fish from the bank this will help you catch more fish. These are great tips and tricks.

Here is my video on how to locate more catfish.

Here are my 6 favorite bank fishing hacks.

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Bank fishing for catfish – how to catch catfish from the bank

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Spring bank fishing for some CHUNKY bass!!!

Today I went out to do some bank fishing at a campground that I’ve been going to since I was like 6 or 7. I threw top water and a Zoom salty lizard for some nice bass. Had a great day out on the water. Make sure to drop a comment! and don’t forget to like and subscribe!


Largemouth Bass Trout Pickerel MIXED BAG!!! Freshwater Fishing

Largemouth Bass, Brown Trout & Chain Pickerel – MIXED BAG Freshwater Fishing. I had a few spare hours today and ran at the chance to do some freshwater fishing. I have watched many suns land over the treetops and walked back through a cluster of dark branches picking at my shoulders and I been itching to see and feel it again. Its like a soft call or an inner voice… you anglers know what I mean. I went to find some crappie but wound up hitting a nice mixed bag of largemouth bass, pickerel and trout. I had to cover a large area of water in a short period of time. There are haunts loaded with crappie but they also tend to be loaded with anglers as well. However I wanted the lake to myself and of course a few fish.

The day or late afternoon started slow. I hit a few coves and tongues with no signs of aquatic life. I was tempted to weave in a popular area but wandered into a shallow weed and rock narrow instead. It paid off. I hit a healthy pickerel on a Rebel Wee Craw intended for roaming crappie. I soon saw a wake switched over to a gold Rapala and managed to catch a few more bass. I had a hunch from the get go that the first spot was gonna pan out at sunset and it did. My first cast in I lost the “big one” of the day. Looked to be a 3-4 pound largemouth bass. I soon hooked up in into a brown trout and followed up by another largemouth bass. The bite seemed to end as quick as it started with the sun just kissing the treetops. I fished into the dark but no more takers.

I do not make general plans. Nor do the fish, so we work well together. My line was old but still vibrant, my lure pulled from a pile into a smaller pile and picked from the top. Hooks rusty and balled up like cytoplasmic DNA. The day was a struggle, looking bleak but very enjoyable by all means and as always I would not trade the outcome even for the grand. It was a perfect day. Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.


El espectáculo FOUS DE BASSIN del grupo teatral francés Ilotopie


Village at Mariner’s Point “Chain of Fools!”

Village at Mariner’s Point “Chain of Fools!”


Largemouth Bass Fishing in the Rain

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Catching Bass on ALABAMA RIGS!! | Stockton Lake Day İ

Have you ever fished in conditions so terrible you began to question why you got out of bed? Day 3 was one of those days.until the fish started chewing.

Learn all the ins and outs of fishing the A-Rig in this instructional video! Courtesy of our partner Lucky Tacklebox. Use promo code FREEB1 at checkout and .

Spending a day out on the lake with the new Alabama Rig. The setup that caught the most bass was the Tennessee Shad 3.5 inch Money Minnow rigged on a .

Fishing with some of the craziest Alabama rigs that I’ve ever seen, we fished the cold side of Lake Anna in hopes of finding some striped bass. Matt and I fished .


How To Land Fish | Kayak Bass Fishing | JUST THE TIP

I have become more and more a fan of using landing nets after removing countless treble hooks from friends, guests and sometimes even myself. It isn’t a fun thing to have to do on the water and can get complicated when trying to do it on your own. So, invest a little insurance policy for landing fish and for keep hooks out of your hand with a YakAttack Leverage Landing Net.

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Bill Dance Bloopers Mix.flv


Easy Bass Fishing for ANYONE – Affordable Fishing for Beginners

Is there an easy and affordable way for anyone, especially beginners, to fish for bass? Yes! A wacky rigged stick bait (senko) on a weedless hook is a great place to start. Stick baits can be found at very affordable prices if you look for them on sale. I am using the same Big Bite Baits lures as the last video. They worked so well that it was easy to catch 6 bass over a couple trips. That’s 6 largemouth bass for $1.50! I am still using the super affordable $15 Lew’s combo I purchased at Walmart. Anyone can get started catching bass with a similar, easy and affordable setup. Yes, even a beginner.


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