Bass Fishing With NetBait Lures From Walmart – Baby Action Cat

Today I am out bass fishing with more lures from Walmart, the NetBait Baby Action Cat. This soft plastic creature bait resembles a crawfish but also resembles a baby brush hog. The package refers to this lure as a tube, and it does have a hollow center. I am fishing this on a Texas Rig in shallow water. I miss one bass early on, but manage to land a decent one after moving to a different fishing spot. If you see the NetBait Baby Action Cat at a Walmart Near you, give it a try on your next bass fishing trip.

I also pick a winner from the Cristie Critter Giveaway! Be sure to send me your shipping info if you won!

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Summer Pond Bass Fishing



I’ve eyeballed this little pond near my house for over a year since moving and wondered how the bass fishing would be if I ever decided to fish it. I always travel light when shoreline bass fishing, & with barely a couple hours to do some mystery pond bass fishing, I threw a couple bags of baits in my pockets and grabbed a couple rods to investigate. It turned out to have a couple bass swimming around in it! I offer up a few tips and techniques along the way as to how I attack a new pond from shore, so I hope this video entertains as well as helps a few learn a trick or two on how to bass fish a mystery pond of your own!


*Links to some of the bait & tackle I use:

*Gamakatsu EWG Hooks:
*Zoom Super Fluke:
*Gary Yamamoto Senko:
*Lew’s Casting Reel:
*Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbo Line:
*Line Conditioner:
*Line Cutters:

*Costa Del Mar Sunglasses:

Links to the camera equipment I use:

*Current GoPro equivalent:
*External Audio Mic:
*Open Side Skeleton Housing:
*GoPro Chest Mount:

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Fishing for Largemouth Bass with the Daiwa RG Spinning Reel

Fishing for largemouth Bass with the Daiwa Rg spinning reel
music: I do not own this music here is the link

Location: Georgia

Species: Largemouth Bass

Rod/reel: Daiwa Rg with Shimano compre, Aiwa tatula type hd paired with Powell inferno, and a Shimano excense dc paired with a Powell inferno
Line: 35lb bx2 sublime braid, 12lb tx1sunline braid, and 50lb power pro braid

Lures: Wacky rigged senko, and a strike king rage rooster

Times fishing: 6-11am

Pattern: being a noob

Conditions: 75 degrees rainy day

Camera gear: GoPro hero lcd +
San disk 32gb sd card
Skeleton housing
GoPro chesty

Apparel: huk fishing gearing realtree


Liège – Festival Métamorphoses 2016 – Les Fous du Bassin (Cie Ilotopie)
Video also available on Vimeo :


Florida B.A.S.S. Nation’s Lake Seminole State Qualifier Sponsored By Jackson County

Our Lake Seminole bass fishing tournament is always an exciting one! Footage includes the JR/High School and NW Region State Qualifiers. This is a two day tournament on one of the best bass lakes in the world.


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Milton Keynes IFA Willen Lake Ilotopie: Fous de Bassin (Water Fools)

Fous de Bassin (Water Fools) is an unforgettable performance on a grand scale, created by French company Ilotopie who literally walk on water to conjure up an extraordinary and colourful floating spectacle with fire and pyrotechnics.


Punching for Bass EPIC Techniques and Tricks

Punching Lake Okeechobee for bass is always epic and one of the most techniques when fishing for trophy largemouth bass. With Florida spring coming it’s time to brush up on our punching skills and lay out some of the inside details from fishing rods and reels, baits, terminal tackle, and fishing tips for where – when – and how to target bass in heavy vegetation.

On Lake Okeechobee the best time of year to use this fishing technique is from October to April – basically what most people call winter is an elongated spring pre-spawn period for fish. This means waves of bass staging and spawning throughout these months and punching is a great way to target them. in the vid we highlight how to fish for bass in emergent vegetation like cattails, bully whips, and lily pads, as well as mats like hydrilla, penny wort, and hyacinth. If you want to learn how to punch for bass it’s all right here.


What’s the gear in the video? You can find it all below

Reel Shimano Curado

Camera – GoPro Hero 5 Black

Reins Tungsten

Dobyns Champion Extreme MH 795

Power Pro Slick 65lbs Braid

Gambler Megadaddy

Gambler Crawdaddy

Hack Attack Flipping Hook

Gambler BB Cricket

Gambler Burner Craw

Gambler Why Not

6th Sense Bobber Stoppers

Double Weedguard Jig


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My brother and I went to Stockton Lake to troll for Walleye. While there the weather changed drastically and we could not agree on what to do. Ride along and see how it turned out.


NED RIG Winter Bass Fishing

Winter Bass fishing can be tough. The NED RIG can catch Bass even in the toughest conditions. It is the perfect finesse bait to catch those tip lipped finicky bass. In this video my Dad and I go to some local farm ponds to do some Bass fishing. I knew the Bass would be slow and lethargic in the cold water. I wanted a finesse bait that I could fish slow and entice some strikes. The Ned Rig proved to be the perfect bait. In this video I also talk about how I fish the Ned Rig and give some tips on how to catch Bass with the Ned Rig. Don’t be intimidated by Winter Bass fishing. Pick up some Ned Rigs and go catch some Bass!

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-Camera Accessory Starter Kit
-Camera Chest Mount
-Camera Head Mount
-Camera Charger with Battery
-Camera Tri-Pod
-Camera Storage
-Camera Micro SD Card
-Camera Microphone
-My Computer
-Computer Lap Desk
-Computer Case
-Editing Headphones
-Video Editing Software
-Best Portable Power

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Last weeks Thursday night tournament 5/19

Just a short video from last week. 3 keepers nothing to brag about but caught fish


Fish Jerkbaits like THIS to Draw Bass From Cover

There’s more to fishing jerkbaits than just twitch, twitch, pause. Dustin Connell tells us that even in cold water he’ll fish a jerkbait fast and erratically to draw bass from cover. Hard jerks and consistent rhythm will often trigger a reaction bite from bass even on days where the water temps leave bass lethargic. Choosing the right line weight is a fine line with jerkbaits and heavy cover but with the right selection you can still run the bait correctly and pull bass away from the cover when fighting the fish. Dustin fishes these deeper diving jerkbaits on a longer, softer rod, and a 6:3:1 gear ratio reel is key to get your rhythm dialed in for this exciting jerkbait tactic.

-6th Sense Provoke 106DD Jerkbait:
-ALX Deputy 7’1″ Medium Heavy Casting Rod:
-Shimano Curado 200 Casting Reel:
-Costa Del Mar Rafael (Blackout/W580 Slvr Mirror Glass):

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