Bass Fishing Tips For The Spawn From Up North!

The bass spawn can sometimes go through crazy cycles depending on what part of the country you’re located in, weather, and moon phases. This year the north experienced a brutally long winter and a cold spring, so the spawn got pushed back because of unusually cold water temps. BUT the weather has finally turned for the best and our guy Cade has been hammering the prespawn largies and smallies on the Mississippi! In this video, Cade shares his top tips for fishing during the prespawn, spawn, and even some tournament tactics.

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AMAZING! Snorkeling Vortex Spring Florida… Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Giant Koi!!

This was my first trip to Vortex Springs and we arrived early for family and friends swimming and snorkeling. Got some great shots of Largemouth Bass (00:21), a large school of Bluegills (00:56), wonderful images of Giant Koi fish (01:31 and 02:34) and time with Family and friends (03:05). I was able to get in the water and snorkel around the hot spots before the water was disturbed. Couldn’t have asked for a better day!


GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition 1080p 30fps Protune CAM RAW WIDE FOV
Color Corrected in GoPro Studio 2.5

The song “Water Lilly” by “The 126ers” provided by YouTube Audio (


Two In One Cast! A Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass

This isn’t something you see everyday. You call for the net, know it’s a big one and BAM it’s two fish a smallmouth and a largemouth on same bait!

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The Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing series has hosted events on lakes nationwide such as Pickwick, Kentucky Lake, Chickamauga, Lake Texoma, Lake Lewisville, Table Rock, Lake Lavon and many others all over the nation. In addition to holding the largest events in college fishing the staff of the series works with college anglers to start their own events, learn more about the fishing industry, receive discounts from numerous companies and more.

The Collegiate Bass Fishing series helps college students nationwide create fishing clubs, host fishing events, compete on a nationally televised stage as well as work with numerous companies nationwide. Starting with the very first collegiate bass fishing national championship ever held on Lake Lewisville a decade ago to events now held nation wide this series has been key in growing college fishing at numerous levels. is the website where you can find all things college bass fishing as well as get up date results on bass fishing events and learn more about college bass fishing. How to start a college fishing club, how to fish in college, where to fish in college, what is college bass fishing.


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Ilotopie- Fous de Bassin – II

Puerto Madero- 2013


SQUIRREL FISHING Tips – Unbelievable Pre-Spawn Bass Secret

Don’t believe a squirrel can catch a bass?!? Then you don’t know about BASS Elite Series bass fishing tournament angler Jeff Kriet, which is nicknamed “The Squirrel” by fellow tournament fisherman Kevin VanDam. In this bass fishing instructional video, Kriet talks about fishing floating worms (also known as trick worms) and wacky worms for aggressive pre-spawn bass. Learn all the secrets, including which color bass hate so much, they bite it! Learn when to throw a floating worm and when to throw something else. They are either on a floating worm bite, or they aren’t.

Jeff Kriet’s favorite floating worm is the Big Bite Baits Finesse Worms

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Water Fools at Navy Pier

The French, they are crazy. The final US production of Fous de Bassiv, or Water Fools, by the Ilotopie troupe. A waterborne spectacle.

Poorly filmed at Navy Pier. This is 2 minutes out of the original 45 minute show. Sorry, I missed the part where a performers head catches fire.


Late Winter Bass Fishing on Lake Gaston… Caught a STUD!

Talk about some crazy morning action!! This winter hasn’t been huge for numbers…..but the size is there! Got on a sweet bite as soon as we hit the water on Lake Gaston this past Sunday. Jigs and jerk baits got the job done for us – and I caught a 6.7 lbr in the first 15 minutes.

Lake Gaston is where Ace and I first got our feet wet bass fishing and it will always be one of my favorite places to fish. We have spent hundreds of hours out there, and while we’re no pros and we don’t know the entire lake, we generally do not feel “lost”. Truthfully, it’s been years since Ace and I have gotten out on Gaston to fish together, and I’m really happy we had the chance to do that this past weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed this video, and I hope you’re ready for more coming this week!
I’m fishing with Mike (1rod1reelfishing) tomorrow, and I’m getting my musky hunt on either Thursday or Sunday….
Stay tuned fish fam.


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Missouri Pond Bass Fishing

Hey Anglers!! New video for y’all here. Some small pond bass fishing. Bite was slow but still managed to get a couple nice bass.


Fishing Power Baits in Cold Water with Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam doesn’t have a slow gear when it comes to bass fishing but he’s been very successful in cold water bass fishing tournaments. He shares some of how he uses power fishing approaches to find and catch bass when everyone else might still be using slower more finesse tactics.

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Time change walleye 11/5/16 Stockton Lake Mo.

Caught my first fish at 4 pm , then 6 more before the sun fell below the horizon. More light = more fish on Stockton Lake.


Squarebill Crankbait Bass Fishing Using Shad and Bluegill Patterns

Lure: KVD 1.5
Color: Natural Pumpkinseed
Color: Natural Shad
Rod: 7′ Medium Quantum Tour KVD
Reel: Quantum Tour KVD PT 6.6:1
Line: Vicious 17 lb.
Trebles: #4 Triple Grip

Liz and I filmed this video in late May while the shad spawn was in full swing. Bass were keying on shad as well as the new small bluegills that had just spawned. We used two of my favorite colors for this time of year, Natural Shad and Natural Pumpkinseed, in the Strike King KVD 1.5. The biggest tip I can give you for fishing squarebills is to use a stop and go erratic action. Tight lines folks!

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Larry the Lizard’s Top-Water Frog-N-Craw

Larry the Lizard demonstrates tips on Top-Water and Sub-Surface Frog Fishing. Bass fishing at its finest. 4″ Frog-N-Craw is a dynamic and versatile bait, that incorporates a glass rattling chamber system, in a super soft, yet very strong soft plastic bait, that actually looks and mimics a frog in the water to a tee. You can’t tell the difference and neither can the fish.