How To Fish A Fluke – Bass Fishing

In this video I go over everything you will need to know to throw a soft plastic fluke, enjoy!!!

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Urban Bass Fishing in San Jose: Big Bass in a Small Creek!

Caught some nice bass despite the crazy hot weather.

Rods- Daiwa Triforce & Phenix M1
Reels- Shimano Sienna & Shimano Casitas



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BIG, HEALTHY 7Lb+ LARGEMOUTH BASS ON ULTRA LIGHT TACKLE RESUSCITATE AND RELEASE. Big wide tail gave me 4 high jumps and multiple long drag runs in shallows. An absolute power house early prespawn not a blown up flabby belly. Respect them and they will flourish.


What Pro Fisherman Know that You Don’t!

Let me ask a you a simple question.

Why Is It That 99% of Bass Anglers Struggle To Land A Few Fish When The Pros Fish An Unfamiliar Body Of Water And Fill Their Live Well Easily?

I’ll tell you why!

Professional Bass Anglers know how to scout for Bass and map productive locations that will produce fish.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to fish all four seasons using different tactics for each season.

Professional Bass Anglers understand bass behavior, how bass relate to their invironment and how to produce a strike.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to adapt and fish changing conditions.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to establish a working pattern to use in specific situations.

Professional Bass Anglers know when and how to use each type and color of lure for the best results.

Would Your Bass Fishing Experience Improve Significantly
If You Knew Practically Everything A Pro Knows About Bass Fishing?

Imagine What Your Bass Fishing Experience Would Be Like!

No matter where you fish you could locate Bass on lakes, reservoirs, rivers or ponds.
You would know how to land Bass in all four seasons.
When conditions change you could adapt with different techniques and still fill your live well.
You would be able to establish a pattern to land Bass that matches any situation your fishing.
You could fish unfamiliar water and be able to map locations for all the hot spots.
You would know the color and type of lure to use for each different situation.

Click Here for the complete story and a special deal for this priceless knowledge!!

Good luck and tightlines!


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Pro Bass Fishing Tip on How to Catch Bass with a Swimbait

Professional bass fisherman and host of FHT, Clark Wendlandt, shares great bass fishing tips on how to catch bass with a swimbait.

Fishing and Hunting Texas is one of the oldest outdoors entities available today. Showcasing the great state of Texas and all of it’s outdoors assets from bass fishing to hunting all seen through the eyes of Clark Wendlandt a legendary Texas fishing pro who has been a Texan for life.

You will see Bass Fishing, Dove Hunting, Saltwater Fishing, Deer Hunting and more all from the great state of Texas so if you Fish Texas or Hunt Texas this program provides a great amount of information about Texas and how to catch fish and have successful hunts


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A How To Guide On Winter to Spring Bass Fishing – 1606

In this episdoe of Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook host Wade Middleton takes a look at how cold fronts and warm fronts are always changing how and where you catch bass. His special guests are Cabela’s Pro Staffers Clark Wendlandt and James Niggemeyer both seasoned touring pros with decades of bass fishing experiance under the belt at bodies of water across the nation.

The Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook is hosted by Wade Middleton and produced by CarecoTV and features some of the best how to catch fish information you can find. On any given video clip or episode you’ll see Wade, touring pros and industry insiders providing information on how to catch fish, where to find bass, how to fish crankbaits, worms, topwaters, swimbaits and many other fishing lures

You will also learn the best ways to read your sonar, GPS, mapping and more so that when you go to a new body of water your fishing it like someone who has been there forever.

You can also learn how to choose a fishing rod and reel, fishing line, tie knots, rig your boat, and have fun fishing some of the best locations in the world as well as those right near your hometown.

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2018 AL Bass Nation HS Championship – Neely


Bass Fishing: For Big Bass Galveston, Texas

Bass Fishing For Big Bass!!! Galveston, Texas
I was going to do a little fly fishing but winds picked up. So glad I grabbed my Fathom Worx Rod and a pack of BassCrackWorms because I hooked up with a winner of a bass.
Pro-Staff Fathom Worx Rods:

Follow Pamela Girlfish on my Hobie Kayak as I roam the Bay, Ocean, Rivers, Creeks and Streams in search of my dreamed catch. “FISH ON”
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Tenkara Largemouth Bass: Slingshot Casting

Caught my largest fish, a beautiful Largemouth Bass, to date on my tenkara rod. Tenkara is a fixed line mountain stream fly fishing method from Japan adapted in a variety of ways in the United States. I found a couple ponds with thick overhanging trees bankside vegetation that makes traditional fishing methods challenging. However, using the slingshot method of casting with the tenkara rod I have been able to fish those difficult to reach area holding fish.


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Largemouth bass sight fishing in the rain