Wading Small Creeks for Big Bass 2016

The wife and I took the kids to a couple of small creeks nearby to do some bass fishing. Although the kids decided that swimming would be much more fun, Amanda and I ended up having a great day on the water. We caught some fish and I even caught a pretty decent fish considering the location and also considering the kids were swimming just behind us while we fished.
All of my metal detecting coils, other than the STORM are currently cracked so there will be more fishing videos coming. For my metal detecting subscribers, I hope this doesn’t push you away. But this channel is all about adventure and I really do love to bass fish and some of my most adventurous days and fondest memories have involved bass fishing.
With that being said, I hope you enjoy the video.
And who knows, maybe it will inspire you to do some fishing for yourself. There’s a reason detecting is referred to dirt fishing… The similarities are uncanny.


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Fishing Planet Ep.2 Large Mouth Bass Fishing Guide

Out of money so why not fish 😉


Top Baits To Catch More Late Spring Bass

Spring bass fishing is coming to a close in some areas of the country, but in others it is just now heating up. With bass in all different phases of the spawn, it’s important to have a variety of baits at your disposal to fish different areas of a body of water effectively. Some fish could be staging halfway back in the creeks, some will be all the way on the bank spawning, and others will have already spawned an will be moving back out towards the main lake. A combination of moving baits, bulky bottom bouncing baits like a jig, and a finesse style bait are essential to maximum your time on the water when bass fishing in the late spring.

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How To Bed Fish for Spawning Largemouth & Spotted Bass | Field Trips North Carolina

In this episode, I’m going out on Moss Lake during the bass spawn with my new friend Matt Hemmelgarn, whose family runs Foothills Family Campground, my home for the week in North Carolina. We catch a TON of chunky largemouth and spotted bass, both on pre-spawn patterns and yanking them right off their beds.

Watch for tips and tricks for catching more bass during the spawn.

Learn more about my incredible campground this week!

Check out Matt’s deer processing business, Deer Dynasty:

COMMENT BELOW any tips or tricks you have for catching fish when they’re on bed!

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