I’ve WON MILLIONS Flipping for BASS! Learn How to Win Tournaments!

Skeet Reese just won another bass fishing tournament, this time with the MLF, but he’s no stranger to cashing checks and winning tournaments. In this video, he’ll share the secrets of a technique he’s used to win MILLIONS of DOLLARS in bass tournament checks. The technique is flipping, and like Skeet Reese, it came from the West Coast. Skeet will teach you how to flip (and pitch) like a tournament fishing professional, and how to catch bass using the right baits, rods, reels, line and more! This seminar is great for angler new to flipping and pitching, or the seasoned veteran hungry to step up their game with a few more secrets from the pros.

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bass tournament Stockton lake Missouri

bassmasters tournament Stockton lake Missouri may 19th 2018. sorry there’s not more footage the weather got nasty and didn’t wanna keep cameras in the storms


Joe Bass Team Trail~Stockton Lake

Got the invite to hit Stockton Lake with David in the Joe Bass Team Trail. Been awhile since iv been on the lake but I had alot of fun looking at fish. Seen some big bass follow the floating worm but no takers. We weighed our bucks in but came up short of a check with only 10 lbs and 11 lbs got paid! Thanks David for the opportunity and thank you all for checking out the video. David sure makes those spawners look easy with his homemade jig! Wait til the next one guys…Ozark Mountain Team Trail on Table Rock is next up🎣🎣🎣😉


BASS Nation Australia Glenbawn Dam

A fish catch from the first round of season 4 of the BASS Nation series at Glenbawn Dam


Big Largemouth Bass on the Hellgrammite

ight Fishaholic’s hope you enjoyed! Just by the look of this little bait anybody who fishes would know it catches bass but heres the proof it can catch big Largemouth Bass.

Decals and Plugs
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Nikko Hellgrammites
Green Pumpkin

Watermelon Red Flake
The Hellgrammites are biodegradable, scented floating soft baits

Reel, Penn Battle 2 1000
Rod, 6’6″ St.Croix Triumph Travel Spin Rod
Line: 10lb Power Pro
Leader: 12lb Fluoro


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Bass Fishing with Liz. Three Big Bass.

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I am very lucky to have a beautiful wife that loves to fish with me. I will also admit, she usually catches the biggest fish.


7 lb Bass Eats a Baby Duck – Topwater Bass Fishing with Ducks

Lure: Baby Duck
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid
Reel: Lews Team Pro
Line: 65 lb Braid
Treble Hooks:

I have always heard that bass would eat baby ducks and I had to see for myself. We had fun making this video and as you can see, bass see the ducklings as an easy snack. Topwater bass fishing at its finest!

Camera Gear:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
GoPro Hero 5 –
Chest Mount –
External Mic –
GoPro Housing –
Clamp Mount –
Suction Mount –
Micro SD –
Drone –
Zoom Camera for Blowups –
Editing Software –
Charging Station –

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