Big Bass Dreams – The Movement Trailer

Full length motion film featuring special moments captured on film. Passion consumes the Big Bass DREAM Team, watch as we spread this movement beyond the fishing community and across the world.

Big Bass Dreams – The Movement inspired by the chase of BIG bass and the adventures behind them. Bringing passion AND fun back to the game.

Editor and Director: Morgan Peszko
Director: Jason Hatch
Drone Pilot: David Lackey

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ULTIMATE Finesse Bass Fishing Lure – Spybait & Spinbait Tips

Bass fishing tournament angler & fishing guide Dave Mansue talks about the ultimate finesse fishing technique, especially for suspended bass. Dave discusses what fishing rod and line he fishes with a spybait. He also talks about how you fish the bait and the action that the spinbait has in the water. Learn when, where and how to fish a spybait from Missile Baits pro Dave Mansue in this 14-minute video on how to fish spinbaits for suspended bass at Bass University TV (

Want to know where to buy the Duo Realis spinbait 80 spybait?(

Want to learn more about spybaiting from Bassmaster Elite Pros John Murray, Aaron Martens and Duo Realis reps? You can see full videos and seminars and get a FREE HAT if you signup before Father’s Day at


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Monster largemouth bass NH


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Swim Jig Fishing BASS DOMINATION! Mark Davis SECRETS

Ready to learn how to catch bass on a swim jig? Mark Davis is a Bassmaster Classic champion with loads of fishing secrets to help you catch big bass on a swim jig. Learn how and where to fish this jig, with which rod, reel & line! Giant bass love to eat swim jigs, and this video is filled with information, tip, tactics and techniques that will help you catch more bass.

Learn more secrets from The Bass University TV with our free 10 day trial at or experience the savings of our limited time KVD (Kevin VanDam) special offer, which is an additional $25 off our already-discounted annual plan at


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Fly fishing for Bass Idaho

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Fly Tying Tutorial

Product Review

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Best Baits and Colors for Night Fishing: Infrared Video!!

Matt takes you fishing at night for some summer bass and debunks some common myths about lure colors when night fishing. Were you taught that you always need to throw black? Where you taught to throw a big worm or a spinnerbait with a colorado blade? Forget what you were taught!

There is nothing wrong with those recommendations but there are so many other great options out there! Matt goes on to explain that his number one night fishing color for reaction baits is white, quickly followed by chartreuse. His best color choices for a slow moving bait are brown, then black, then green pumpkin.

Baits used in this video…

Z Man Project Z Chatterbait (Green Pumpkin):
Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig (Crappie):
Roboworm EZ Shad Trailer (Shad):

Rod for both baits…

Shimano Crucial 7’3″ Heavy Rod:
Shimano Curado 200 7:1 Reel:
65 lb Sufix 832 Braided Line:
Leader: None Needed

Bass fishing can be really fun when you keep it simple! Whether you’re out on a large reservoir in a bass boat or you’re bank fishing a pond, these quick tips will help you catch more and bigger fish on your next night fishing trip! Try some new colors and send us pictures of your next big bass!

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Big Peacock Bass Fishing location Classified ! Catching 5.12 LB. 5.9 LB 5.4 LB 5.3 LB and 4 pounders ! Back 2 Back !


Don’t Overlook Small Town Park Lakes for Quality Largemouth Bass! – Fishyaker

John “Toast” Oast, from, fishes a local small town park lake for largemouth bass, in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. For more fishing and kayaking videos visit or the Fishyaker Youtube channel.

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Don’t Overlook Small Town Park Lakes for Quality Largemouth Bass! – Fishyaker


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