$250 Bass Pro Shops/Tackle Warehouse Unboxing

Unboxing of both Bass Pro and Tackle Warehouse purchases. Enjoy!


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50 Replies to “$250 Bass Pro Shops/Tackle Warehouse Unboxing”

  1. Dude , awesome baits man I'm thirteen how old are you, I would love to fish with you bro! +obsessedfishing101

  2. Dude it don't madder if it's ugly my dad cought a 12 pound bass with this ugly frog on lily pads and snagged him plus like the reel

  3. I didn't feel like watching the whole video but 4 minutes in all I see is $250 of fish snapped rubber in various colors

  4. I wish i was an only child so my parents try to buy my love by never saying no to me. Even when i ask to buy $250 of rubber

  5. You should try zoom u tail worms in motor oil chart. But if you do, bring pliers because the fish will swallow it

  6. Little kind advise, try to sit still when you are talking. Not a hate comment, just advise for the future. Nice vid

  7. Why is everyone hating it was probably his birthday or he did something for it. I'm just glad younger kids are still getting into nature

  8. You wasted $250? On nothing but almost just frogs and worms????? Bro I could've gotten everything you got, along with rods and reels for the same price :/

  9. Obsessed fishing Zoom is my favorite soft plastic bait co is zoom too

    P.S. I love your vids keep it up

  10. He bought $250 worth of rubber baits and a rod and reel then says "gotta get some line for this" tf you should have bought the line with the $250 you wasted on rubber

  11. Haha this kid learns from DVDs he isn't a real fishermen haha 7lb ha only in his dreams

  12. I live in Canada and I'm driving to NY to the BPS there or ordering them. Im getting like 309$CAN worth of goodddddd luuurees

  13. Do u guys want me to do a Unboxing of my camo from big bass pro shops im going hunting i got boots a knife and bullets and camo

  14. $250.oo damn, LOL,
    Northern Minnesota: Walleye Pike, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Sunnies,,, all of these fish are caught on nothing but a red hook with a split shot then tipped with a crawler, minnow live or fake [steel leader for the Northern Pike or they cut the line every time]. All that other stuff I call jewlery, basically worthless as far as money goes. Large tackle box filled with junk really. I'm glad those days are gone for me. Every year they come out with "NEW" junk. A red hook, split shot and a piece of bait, done deal.

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