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3 Strange Spinnerbait Modifications (To Help You Catch More Bass)

Kickin’ Their Bass TV:

Thanks for watching todays video! Hope you learned a few things about modifying your spinnerbaits. if you have any questions drop me a line in the comment section below or shoot me an email at fishingthemidwest@gmail.com

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21 thoughts on “3 Strange Spinnerbait Modifications (To Help You Catch More Bass)

  1. I alway tip mine with a twintailed grub I usually use a grub same colour as skirt ,my biggest pike on a lure in the uk is 16 pound on a spinnerbaits , yellow braids and skirt , yellow twintailed grub .

  2. Gotta call BS on this – while it's a good idea to think outside the box, the rattle does no good at all on a spinnerbait since it's not fished like a jig, constantly bumping into things – better for bottom presentation; bait scent for spinnerbaits is pointless – quickly rubs off in high-speed fishing, and better for finese fishing relying less on impulse bites and more on presentation; dipping skirts for multi-color is pointless unless adding some red for injured effect. In high pressure waters, the right presentation beats extra noise any day.

  3. Maybe you should bring back these tip videos. The transition from winter to spring is coming up. Post spawn is also around the corner. New anglers starting to watch and may need a little help.


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