9+lbs Largemouth Bass on a HC Swim Jig

Pressure Guruz takes to to the house with a Gambler HC Swim Jig and pops a 9lbs 6oz toad fishing Lake Okeechobee


9 Replies to “9+lbs Largemouth Bass on a HC Swim Jig”

  1. I've requested more Gambler product here in Memphis for about 6 months. Not going to give up, but in the mean time I'm just going to place an order direct from you guys to hold me over. I wish I would have caught the Black Friday Sale. Awesome products Gambler. Life-long customer. Confidence is key. My confidence is inside thar black and green plastic bag with the magic plastic inside haha. Thanks Gambler.

  2. Nice fish guys! We need to check out Gambler baits, we have never fished them before. We would also like to fish the Florida lakes, but that's a long drive from Texas. Please check our channel out.

  3. why does bass pro shops not carry gambler lures baits? i went to one in indiana today and all they had were the sweebo worms. Big fan of your baits, just hard to find up here.

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