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A Cool Trick for Bass Fishing.

I took a BioSpawn ExoStick Pro and tweaked it a little bit to catch some fish.


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43 thoughts on “A Cool Trick for Bass Fishing.

  1. I tried this with a zoom motor oil finesse worm and landed a bass within 30 minutes. It normally is slow at this pond but I have definitely added this setup to my arsenal.

  2. I would have never thought of adding a Colorado blade to a stick bait. I'm gonna have to order some of the terminal tackle to do that. I did take a spinnerbait arm and attach it to a Berkley Powerbait Prerigged Pearl Red Eye Shad n I got a few hits on it but couldn't set the hook bc I arm was off a H&H Cajun Spin but I got to looking n it was over the hook. I might try it again but with a smaller arm

  3. Really like his channel he's a pretty cool dude I think to go fishing with keep making those videos 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. I have learned so much about bass fishing in last 2 years thanks to your videos and guys on bass resource. I am 5x the angler I was just a few years ago. Thanks!

  5. Gene, what percentage of your fishing time do you think you will now fish out of your kayak? You seem to be having a great time in it, very productive, too. I think a video from you where you compare bass boat versus kayak fishing would be a great future topic. Brad

  6. Hey gene. I'm kayak fishing at a private lake/pond for spring break in Tennessee. Never fished it before. What would be a good bait to test out first?

  7. thanks man. An I can believe how much tacklewarhouse has its crazy thanks for turning me on to them with one of the comments you had left befor

  8. Another great fishing video Gene.I use this rig myself. A 6in Yum Dinger lets me use a little bit bigger blade and a little more weight for casting distance.Owner makes a great hitch hiker called CPS. Has a centering pin that makes it much easier to center the swivel in the bait & 2 sizes small & medium.

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