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Whether you’re a beginner at bass fishing, or have been fishing spinnerbaits for a long time, you’ll find some new tips to try the next time you hit the water. This video contains spinnerbait tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else!

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45 Replies to “Advanced Spinnerbait Fishing | Bass Fishing”

  1. My guess on the line is to use mono that's what I use cause like a fiberglass rod giving u a little less sensitivity. Mono has more stretch than Fluro and braid pretty much has none

  2. There's no "wrong" way to fish a spinnerbait. Most people just reel it in on a steady retrieve, but pausing it along the way will often get strikes when fish are just following it but not striking. Always experiment each time out to find out what the fish want!

  3. Finally a very informative video! I am now a subscriber, as a newer bass fisherman I still use a spinning reel, and dont seem to have trouble, I normally fish plastics and spinners not many cranks, and 10# floracarbon seems to work for me. Thanks for the video

  4. My 2 Cents: When I'm fishing with spooks, rattlers, swimmers or worms and not even getting a bite, I start casting my spinnerbait, and eventually get a fish. It's just the way it works out. I don't know why and don't care the brand, it just works. And here in Florida, I can get 5 different freshwater species with it. It gets caught in the weeds too! But when I cast it, it attracts fishies…..

  5. I liked this video. I agree with your pointers about willowleaf spinners and schooling baitfish. We had a very cold winter and even though we are in spring here, the water is still quite chilly (between 50-55 degrees). I tried slow-fishing crankbaits, dead-sticking jerkbaits, and yo-yo retrieving Rat-L-Traps and got nothing. Then I saw some gizzard shad busting at the surface and figured that the bass might be below them and forcing them to the surface, so I tied on my blue and white willow leaf spinner and slow-rolled it along the bottom and hooked up with two nice husky largemouth in less than 10 minutes. I love this time of year. Harder to catch fish, but when you do…its usually better quality since they've still have their winter weight on.

  6. Very good info on the bait itself but i gotta disagree with some of the pointers, for example the non-use of a trailer hook and using lumaflex skirts. I appreciate the info on the bait though it helped me tweak some of my baits.

  7. Many thanks your instructional video has been very helpful! I am looking to improve on my technique.
    I have a question or two. Do you use 14/15lb Mono,or Flourocarbon? Do you use Braid at all when fishing around cover?
    What gear ratio reel do you use?

  8. This was a great video. I have just started using spinnerbait and had tons of questions that were answered right here! Looking forward to getting back out there and putting these new tips to work.

  9. man, I love spinnerbait fishing…if one thing ever keeps me from becoming a "great" fisherman, it's going to be my almost fanatical affinity for certain techniques…spinnerbaits, topwaters and jerkbaits…that's my hat trick…always hated crankbaits, still suck with jigs over 20 years later…and those are the BIG fish baits…such is life, I suppose

  10. Great instructional video that really showcases the pros of this very versatile bait. I've had great success with spinner baits and use them year round.

  11. Ok, ordered a few spinner baits with Lumaflex skirts from Basscraft Lure Co. LLC . Interested to see if they'll out preform the silicon skits baits. Nice video!!

  12. Thanks guys Great spinnerbait video! During the video he mentioned breakoffs. Not sure if you guys have done one, but it would be nice if you could do a video on hook setting. I've had a lot of guest on my boat and I have seen some of the wildest hook setting "attempts" (they missed em) anyone's ever seen. When I ask them where they learn to set a hook like that 90% of them say watching a video or from some other fishermen. With the quality of today's hooks you don't need to tear the face off of a fish to get a good hook set. And yet you still see it being done by seasoned fisherman….

  13. Just started using baitcasters after way too many years. Thumb is slowly learning and getting decent, now you throw two more casts to learn. I figure I will use a 5 gallon bucket as a target. I really enjoy the videos and the education. Living on Lake Murray in South Carolina. Largemouth fishing here is tough, but o so worth it. Thanks for the learning.

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