Amazing facts about the largemouth bass!

Bass are amazing here are some facts about them!


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32 Replies to “Amazing facts about the largemouth bass!”

  1. Hey Brendan, the audio was really hard to hear in this video. You usually come through loud & clear but this time I had to strain @full volume to hear ya. Thanks for the awesome facts Brother, 'till next time …

  2. I LOVE your videos! I have been telling all my fishing buddies about your channel. I am new to your channel, so I don't know if you have a video about the best lures to catch a Bass on. I catch a lot of catfish while going bass fishing, so i was hoping that you could consider doing a 'Bass fishing techniques' video or something. Thanks for all of your hard work to make the best videos on youtube. Keep it up!

  3. Love the vids man but I could never agree with you that bass are smart. Their brains are tiny and will eat just about any lure if presented right. Even on pressured waters.

  4. hey bro, the other day i was at my favorite fishing spot, when a little kid ran up to me and i could hear your theme song playing on his phone. he was watching your videos 🙂 youre famous man!!!

  5. Great videos man! One thing I would suggest trying to mix your voice audio with the intro because it seems that your voice is too quite, and I have to adjust my volume while your intro transitions.

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