Angry Fisherman Compilation


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34 Replies to “Angry Fisherman Compilation”

  1. Jon b should’ve fucked that boys mouth rough and tough thanks for having a back bone like that Chicago attitude. If I could ever fish with anyone it’d be your sweet white ass…lol

  2. Speed boat guy is a fat bully and guys like him yell around and push their weight around..

  3. i fished bass buddy and the guy who owned the boat was about 6-7 and 300 lbs, me at the time 5-11 170 lbs, if he would not have been such a mild manner and great friend , i could not have done it, that was 28 years ago, i hope you are there Keith E.

  4. Before I knew anything about bass I was fishing a golf course pond in Central Florida about the size of a garden center split like an L-Shape and caught a bass about the 20" and just returned it. Well, yeah I was excited and thought about throwing down my pole and running to the house to tell my dad but I figured what is the point, he would just say 'And…' so I put it back. Someone else probably caught it and got it framed. I was using a brass spoon in February. Just for reference it was about this size –

  5. He could have pulled a piece on you. Ya don’t ignite a fight w/ ppl you don’t know just saying. All I’m saying is where I’m from if you say “guy acting tough” you could get rolled on quick.

  6. I’ve gone through three Croppie polls in the last 2 years All over misunderstandings You can get some pretty good air with one of those fuckers just be careful when you get down close to the handle they tend to break Some rich douche bags need a good switching every now and then They have never broken reel though

  7. Cry baby fisherman's should be fined for throwing their pos poles I to the water. Littering.

  8. That guy at 0:50 could have had a 9mm in the glove compartment and crazy on top of it. Conformations like this are not worth it.

  9. Gotta be careful these days. At .45 this could have gone the other way. He could have come out from hunched over in that back seat brandishing a banger talking about "I told you to f*** off! Do you hear me now?!!" Then this video would be used as evidence in a murder instead of a loudmouth getting punked out at the dock.

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