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Bank Fishing Tips for Bass in the Fall

This is my strategy for beating the bank, especially in the fall months. At times when you need to cover a lot of water because the fish are spread out, or your just trying to figure out what baits are going to be working the best, this will help make you a more efficient angler.

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23 thoughts on “Bank Fishing Tips for Bass in the Fall

  1. seriously brother, I know you got it going on but, think of the possabilitys, all the new history shows on rite now have more than one star. Dude don't be a wuss. let's talk brother!!!

  2. You should make some tips for bank anglers please. Cause I'm sure there are other people like me that don't have access to a boat and can't fish those places haha

  3. I dont think im the only one that wants to know but can you put the gear and tackle you used in your description of the video? That would be awesome!

  4. Great tip. That's something I need to try to do more. Focus on those out point and places that stick out

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