Bass Baits for Tough Fishing Days


Fishing the right bass baits for tough fishing days can make the difference in catching a limit and not catching anything at all. In this vlog, me and lunkerstv are heading to a lake that we caught a lot of bass out of the last time we were there. After coming back from Colorado, there was a cold front that came through and shut the bass down form biting. These largemouth bass should have been on the verge of spawning, but instead they were not biting and moved away from the bank with the high barometric pressure. We did our best with techniques that have typically worked on this lake but nothing was working. Eventually we had to down size and slow down to get bites. We ended up catching 7 bass and it took us a while to figure out how to actually get a bass to bite. This fishing video is different than my normal bass fishing videos because I am due to the audio issues that me and Rob encountered.

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DSLR Camera (Panasonic GH4) –
Static Shot (Gopro Hero 4 Black) –
Metabones Speedbooster 4/3 EF Mount –

Canon 24-105mm L Lens –
Rokinon 14mm WIDE –

Sony UWPD11/42 Lavalier Microphone –
Gopro Chesty Lav Mic (Cheap) –
DSLR Shot Gun Mic –


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46 Replies to “Bass Baits for Tough Fishing Days”

  1. Just subbed. Way to stick it out on a tough grind! Keep up the great work/vids & congrats on the 200K+!

  2. Those were midge fly larvae, dragonfly larvae and what looked like amphipods that fell off the old seine.

  3. What's going on brotha I wanted to know what is the name of that stuff you use to dip your soft plastics and thank you in advance!!!

  4. Those worms were chironomids, commonly referred to as bloodworms. I don't think they're dangerous, but I don't know much about them. All I know is that trout love them and fly anglers imitate them.

  5. The video was excellent bro. Awesome video and super fun to watch. I've been in that situation when fish just don't want to bite and you kinda lose your hopes but you definitely grinded and it paid off. I'm going to try that rig set up you had with the little green minnow. And I just started using jigs because I watched one of your videos where you were using a jig and let me tell you it definitely works. I am using the Nutech Elite jig and it's awesome I caught a 6.7lbs bass today it has been the biggest bass I have ever caught in my life. It was such a rush man I'm super excited. Keep the videos coming I'm a huge fan of your channel and so is my dad. God bless!

  6. Water temp is 67? Why are the bass not packed on the bank? Cold front came in with high pressure? I have been killing them with surface temps at 62 to 65. Same kind of lures.

  7. always gotta get some of that bass Cologne on before I leave the lake. little behind the ears and a dab on the neck. gotta smell good for the wife when I get home. lol!

  8. is that a boss jig head? I like the brent ehrler Flippin jig heads and his shakey head made by boss

  9. I love your channel as well as Lunkers, Jon B. and the other Googans. To be honest, I wish you all would do more videos like this. This is a lot more informative and helps us understand why you guys are fishing certain lures/locations at a given time rather than just watching you fish (which I like too, don't get me wrong).

  10. Water was 67°… What was the temp of the air 65? Lol here in Minnesota that's shorts and t shirt weather and a good day to go out fishing. Haha. You Texans… Good vid tho. Sniff one for me… Ooook that sounds bad NVM.

  11. yes… I liked this video very much. Question – do you bass fish at night? If so, is success rate the same, more or less? Also is it better to fish under full moon light or black skies? thanks

  12. Today Youtube seems to think I'm into bass fishing based on these suggestions 😀 Anyhow, never been to bass fishing, would be interesting though 🙂

  13. @LakeForkGuy
    I don't like LunkersTV. I know and understand why you would collab with him, BUT… I don't like him, and it makes me want to watch your content less when I find out you are working with him. I think I can speak for many other fishing enthusiasts who watch YouTube content on fishing. There aren't many fishing channels out there that produce consistent, lengthy, informational, quality, entertaining content… so anyone who avidly watches YouTube fishing channels, such as yours, the Googan Squad, etc, know about all of you, and we know about the drama too. Food for thought.

  14. Nice job salvaging a video. I know how that goes when you lose audio. Well done

  15. Love these type of videos which explain more in detail. I normally saltwater fish for fun, but recently have started getting into freshwater and trying to figure out what lures/set up to use. Keep these coming!

  16. if u get a chance send out a shot out 2 me bude on 1 of your awesome videos (Leo from chicago)good job on your videos

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