Bass Fishing After a Heavy Rain


Here is a short one about how to catch bass after a rain.
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35 Replies to “Bass Fishing After a Heavy Rain”

  1. You are so knowledgeable! I have never would have thought about those grubs and worms pulled into the lake by rain. Great video PLEASE keep them coming

  2. What kind of line do you use on your spinning gear? Also I'm picking up some izorline in an 840yd spool

  3. Any recommendations for good rain gear? I'm a big guy and find that most good gear either runs small or is isn't very mobile especially for for fishing and fishing sitting down.

  4. That felt like a teaser video Jean I expect more out of your videos than that! It seemed like you just uploaded that video just to say you uploaded one. Com on man! Lol I still love you.

  5. I really like that some of your video feature you fishing from a kayak! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  6. Excellent videos Gene.  I have learned so much.  Also, thank you for the recommendation on the Kast King reel.  Brought it for Christmas.  From one 4%er to another, Merry Christmas and looking forward to 2016.

  7. Thank you Gene. Always appreciate and learn from everything you put out. Keep on teaching the world to fish!

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