Bass Fishing, Bigmouth Forever


Vidéo Américaine sur la pêche du black-bass aux leurres avec des prises de vues sous marine et combats en direct.
De superbes images et des attaques impressionnantes de black-bass.
Désolé pour la qualité.


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19 Replies to “Bass Fishing, Bigmouth Forever”

  1. Thank you for uploading this video!I have had the privilege to dive in freshwater springs like the ones in this video.The bass are not afraid of the divers and you can get less than 3 feet away from the bass.

  2. I got to say man thank you very much and never gets old and never gets old keep watching this video over and over and it seems like everytime I watch it I learn something new

  3. This really brings back memories. When I was in highschool my folks had a Triton boat dealership by the fairgrounds here in Pensacola, FL. We ran that VHS every day.

  4. I've watched this video several times with various fishing buddies, and can't thank you enough for posting it. The funniest part is my grandfather taught my uncle how to fish the Wakulla River with the Rapala floating minnow. Subsequently, my uncle taught me to fish the same river with that lure, and we continue to crush bass with it. If it ain't broke don't fix it. That think straight catches fish. Tight Lines fellas.

  5. Have you tried using FD custom baits from japan? very sweet lures. custom made by Masaru, does an outstanding job, and very hard to find.

  6. Awesome video! I've been fishing for bass forever in Missouri, USA. I know there are quite a few populations in Europe, Africa, and South America. They fight like no other fish I have ever come in contact with. Great species to fish for fun, or sustainment!

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