Bass Fishing – Catching Giants When Spillway Gates Open


This was a long awaited series of trips to the spillway after the gates finally opened. Florida has been in a severe drought until recently. I’ve been fishing this spillway for about 6 months, dreaming of what it would be like when the gates opened up. The rains came, and the spillway did not disappoint.

Lure- Bomber Super Pogy 1.25 oz

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50 Replies to “Bass Fishing – Catching Giants When Spillway Gates Open”

  1. its a monster 5 lber….lol….reminds me of a surfer saying "man the waves are huge!" and theyre 3ft high.

  2. Awesome video my dude stop by my channel new subscriber. SPREAD the I've bass fishing family

  3. Great vid! Had to laugh though… I've said "that's a six" about 100x in my day… Sure I'll say it a few times over the 4th!!! Nice basses

  4. I felt so eager to know what was at the end of the line when he said its a giant or monster without getting even a glimpse of the fish . Turned out to be a giant 5 pounder

  5. Good stuff. Just the fact that you thought you might have two on at the same time tells me something. 🙂

  6. Awesome video. Can't believe all the people that don't understand the scale is in Lb – oz. Then again, this is the Internet and where you run into geniuses around every corner.

  7. Very nice seeing you at the locks this morning. My son asked if that was you and I said I think so go talk to him. He was very excited to meet you.

  8. "Thats a big one" every time you set the hook kinda made the video seem less professional

  9. I live near there but I usually snook fish the saltwater spillway, never been to that spillway before. Nice video btw

  10. Sweet video! When i get a decent fish on i almost always say its a big one. Then i have to say well a nice one anyway. Haters keep sitting on your couches spitting out poison.

  11. cant do it man. you guys get sharks in the rivers after flooding and you guys get gators about anywhere.

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