Bass Fishing Cold Water – Power Fish with KVD

Watch this entire 1 hour seminar on cold water power fishing for bass with KVD, Kevin Van Dam at

In this preview clip, KVD (7-time Bassmaster AOY and 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion) talks about adjusting your cranking technique, selecting the correct fishing line, the role of vibration, forage (shad and crawfish), keeping a school of bass active and more, all in cold water situations! Use these secret techniques and tactics to catch bass in the late fall, winter and early spring.

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6 Replies to “Bass Fishing Cold Water – Power Fish with KVD”

  1. KVD STOLE MY SUNGLASSES 3 years ago after a 1vs1 duel on lake fork in which he was disqualified for cheating,and he cut my boat trailer tire…punk

  2. awesome video Kevin,I threw away close $30 worth of floro last week fishing here in Massachusetts in 38-39 degree water🍻🍻

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