Bass Fishing Crankbaits on Rip Rip Tips


Fishing crank baits on rip rap is a good way to catch bass in low light hours and in summer and fall especially. Here are a few tips I have learned through the years on cranking rip rap for bass

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31 Replies to “Bass Fishing Crankbaits on Rip Rip Tips”

  1. LakeForkGuy .. Great video, Keep up the great work. As an avid fisherman, I enjoy videos with great quality and work done. I would like to ask several technical questions. When you first started making and posting videos, what type of computer (Apple/Mac or Intel/AMD processor) and which type of editing software did you use? What do you use now (processor and software). If there was a change between what you used then and now, why they change. also, how much time is spent editing a video before you post it?

  2. +LakeForkGuy @ 1:47, "Bass will use rap rap to school on shad in the warmer months". So bass are into rap music now? God help us all!!! What is this world coming to?

  3. Hey yall just made my first video!! Go check it out and subscribe. I'll be doing another one next week with my new camera so just kinda bare with me

  4. What would you suggest the guy in the back of the boat use? I always find myself having a hard time getting bit with an efficient front angler.

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