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Here are some of the bass fishing techniques and tactics I use while fishing the drop shot at my local lake. I’ve also included an arsenal review of my favorite drop shot set up. You’ve seen me using the drop shot in most of my bass fishing videos this Summer, so here is a detailed break down of the techniques and tactics I use to locate bass, my rod/reel/line/hook/weight/lure set up & the techniques I use to get the bite. I hope the breakdown and tips help. THANKS FOR THE LIKES, COMMENTS & SUBS!!!


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  1. Great video. The Lew's Custom rod could be one of the best rods I have ever fished. Truly amazing rod, I have the ML version for my Drop Shot set up..

  2. Damn this cleared up a lot of questions I had with the roboworm. I nose hooked it with the Gama split shot/drop shot hook. I ran into more snags than fish. Not sure if it was from the exposed hook or weight. I also lost a lot of worms. The fish ate it as I set the hooks. Thanks for the tips! Going to get that rebarb hook! Also, do you shaky head with a roboworm? If so, got a preference on what shaky head hook you like.

  3. Nice tips man! I gave the rebarb hook a try, and hooked 20 fish at my local pond and landed 10. The majority of the fish became unbuttoned as soon as they jumped. Idk if it's the hook or if it's me but I lost a couple good ones exactly the way you did at the end. Solid hook sets, but fish still spits it.

  4. Hey youtubefishingvids how can you tell you have a bite? whats the best line to use for a drop shot rig?

  5. Since your main line is thinner than your leader, for your Albright knot do you loop the braid and wrap the fluorocarbon?

  6. you think that rod or one exact same on measurements be good for shaky heads as well?

  7. Very nice video, watch second time. can you recommend rod for drop shot? any price category.

  8. I know this is an old vid but one quick question. Have you tried out the new Stradics with hagane? Ive been back and fourth between the ci4 and the newer stradic.

  9. How you feel about those plastic reels? I don't take to kindly to them myself. It disappoints me as i go to replace my reels once a year (a lot of Saltwater fishing). They just seem cheap, weight doesn't really bother me either as long as I'm not sitting with a 7000 series in my hand for several hours.

    They just come off cheap to me, i can go down to walmart and look at $20 rod&reel combos made out of the same exact material as a $120-$150 reel. I'm just not a fan but it seems like your praising that one.. Whats your thoughts?

  10. If seneca has taught me one thing over the years. Its how to fight through a bad day and throw the drop shot. Im fishing for my school at the university of south carolina now and I still gotta show love to the lakes that I grew up on.

  11. This is my home lake actually, I live right on the lake… Its a very under rated bass fishery.

  12. I'm a huge wacky worm fan at the moment, it's been producing for me. So I can see combing the wacky worm with the drop shot for another aspect too it.

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