Bass Fishing – Finding Summer Bass

The most difficult bass fishing of the year for me. Summer can be very tough. The heat drains the energy right out of you but if you know where to look to find them and how to fish for them you can turn a bad day into a good one. I spend a couple of days in the hot state of Texas searching for fish in very hot water. Here is how it turned out.
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Equipment used in this video –
13 Fishing Rods and Reel
Alumacraft Pro 185 Boat
Yamaha SHO 115hp motor
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27 Replies to “Bass Fishing – Finding Summer Bass”

  1. I really think you have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience , but, sometimes there's just too much boat riding and talking about what didn't happen. I in Raleigh NC, moved here from Kentucky so I'm new to the area,but, not to bass fishing, I had hoped you would give better info on hot water fishing for bass…. I'm still a fan and subscriber. Tight lines Brother

  2. you did alot of b rolls here.

    gene, do you ever go old school? like 2 rods, a tackle box with your favorate lures, a backpack with some water and worms? you should do a simple old school video 🙂 eitherway keep up the great advice

  3. Hey, stumbled on your channel and it's been the most helpful. Learning a lot and practicing when I can! Getting ready to get first baitcaster to start practicing in backyard.
    Any recommendations?

  4. Thanks I'm having a hard time at Sml va. It's a post spawn transition at high 72 to 78 degree water. I've caught 2 fish in 3 tournaments. Not to good lol. Deep mountain reservoir with creeks and heavy traffic and pressure.

  5. Thanks Gene For that hard work and know how to find summer time bass, I had't caught a good bass since March just about ready to throw in the towel but this gives me hope plus i'm still trying to learn this Helix 10 great fish finder but Its smarter than me Keep plugging out those videos and see you out on the water. Fred

  6. oh man the amount of boats that run over your spots on my lake is beyond frustrating. you'll be working a bluff wall and a big ol weighted down wakesurf boat will decide that's where they want to ride. I wakeboard a lot and that will still frustrate the crap out of me. pull the trolling motor up and move on.

  7. Great video masterfluke meister! Love ur videos, they all seem to help out tremendously and have learned a ton! Preciate all the work you do to bring kmowledge to us! I have tons of questions but one stands out in this video, why the plum crazy in deep water?? Being that red is usually the first to disappear… Another is a good medium heavy rod for Texas rigs and jigs in moderate cover for around the 100 mark?? Thanks again!!

  8. Watch your videos with my son. He's 5 and young but I think he enjoys fishing (that or he just enjoys spending time with me and just doesn't like to say it). I always learn a few things (admittedly a saltwater fisherman most my life as I live on the gulf coast). Our new move changed that as there is about a 1/4-1/2 acre pond in the back yard so it's good easy practice.

    I enjoy fishing soft plastic a lot more here as well, you know there is fish in it. Don't always the case with saltwater and piers.

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