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Bass Fishing Grubs – Yamamoto 6″ Grub Tips

Bass Fishing Grubs – Yamamoto 6″ Grub Tips. Ed’s Tackle Review, today’s video review is of one of my favorite lures, It covers the different ways I fish this bait/lure. Bass fishing with grubs is my thing and it’s been good to me.

If you use the tips, tricks and techniques from this video they will help you catch more fish become a better bass fisherman and help you use your time on the water a little more efficiently. This tip will help you when you fish lakes, rivers, farm ponds, small ponds, public ponds, deltas, levees, tributaries, dyke’s, boat docks, streams and in a marsh. just remember there is no better way to learn to fish then time on the water, the more you fish the better you become.

I have used the tips tricks and techniques to catch fish on the California Delta, Lake Mead, Lake Mojave, Silverwood Lake, Diamond Valley Lake,
Lake Hodges, El Capitan Resivor, (Lower) Lake Otay, San Vincente Resivor, & Lake Havasu.

To see these and other Ed’s Tackle Reviews and fishing action follow the link to my fishing Channel BassfishingEd.

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