Bass Fishing Lures for Fall Fishing

Here are the lures that I’m going to have out on my boat during the Fall of the year.
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42 Replies to “Bass Fishing Lures for Fall Fishing”

  1. Do you have any recommendations for tidal water or do you fish lakes exclusively? A video series on seasonal patterns in tidal water would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Flukemaster: 13 fishing…..13 fishing….awesome setup
    Me: I wonder why. LOL he's blessed with sponsors

  3. Great tips Gene. I'm looking forward to early fall, and trying some of these techniques with my 14 year old daughter. I've also begun taking a friend from work who seems addicted to live worms (trying to break him of the habit). Is it still possible to win a day on the lake with you? I want to add it to my bucket list.

  4. What would you look for in a lake with 55 degree water temps which is low by 6 feet? Shad is the forage. I'm marking bass in 25-40 feet of water in the main lake and in the mouths of creeks and long points.

  5. someone help……I need a reel ……bad……Christmas is too far away and I need to fish…..please help. ….

  6. hey fluke, I live in Canada and the fishing has been real tough lately. water temps are already below 60 lakes have already flipped, should I still be throwing fall type baits? or should I call an end to my season? thanks a bunch take care

  7. Hey Gene another great video as usual. But you don't seem to throw or talk about jerkbaits much and as you know is a popular colder water lure. What is your opinion on jerkbaits in general and are they really worth the time to try to learn how to use them??? Thanks

  8. i have a pond and the middle is about 20 feet but theirs a lot of weeds. What do you think i should use. The big bass are really smart for some reason they only go for live bluegill i only caught one on a bluegill square bill. (the bait fish is bluegill, and pumpkin seed) Theres a little bit of long grass and the water is stained. the pond is about 1/2 acre. Also i live in the northwest. vancouver wa

  9. Hey Gene, I watch all your videos and love em! Keep up the good work. One question though. Why did you choose an aluminum boat over a fiberglass?

  10. Hey Gene with late Summer and Fall approaching, would love to see you come out with a new video. I fish a lake that has no shad and was wondering what 2 baits you would suggest to use. Thanks.

  11. I've got in mail today a black max Abu Garcia loaded with 15lb mono and looking for a rod to pair it with for weightless hooking, wacky rigging, top water predominantly poppers, open water frogging, Zara spooks, swim style mid weight jigs no more than maybe half ounce, what style rod would be ideal for this? Ps needs to be a great budget minded type rod. Was thinking medium to medium heavy type baitcasting 7' rod.

  12. Have you reviewed the Omen rod? I know you like the Black Out how is the Omen in comparison? Digging the channel. Thanks!

  13. is a Shakespeare tiger rod(with a 7:1 baitcaster) a good rod for all around lure fishing? I watched your rod video and was wondering about all arounding

  14. Hi Gene, I know you have been meaning to do a review on the 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 cranking rod, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I was just wondering what you thought of the rod, I've read some reviews that claim it to be too stiff. What do you think?

  15. Man thanks for the tips. I have 4 ponds here in Tucson that I go to but here lately I can't even get a bite.

  16. Are there any major drawbacks of fishing chatterbaits on braid, either heavy (50-65) or lighter (20lb)? Or can it be done?

  17. What top 5 – 10 lures do you like for the price and quality and what are the prices and where can I buy them TIGHT LINES!!

  18. G, looks like you've been finally getting some equipment kicked down. It's about time. Keep one of your old seats to remind you of your humble beginnings. Fish on!

  19. I gave some of these lures a go today to see how they would work. No luck. Still having time locating the fish in the river I fish. I might have to move to the larger river to find em

  20. How about for smaller bass? I go to a small lake, and It's fall (of course), but I was wondering what plastic or jig would be good to use?

  21. gene, have you fished the Neko rig? I saw a video of it on wired to fish YouTube channel and it looks like a killer finesse technique.

  22. Hey Gene love the videos man! I was wondering what line you would recommend on a spinning reel for a wacky rig? I've tried using straight fluoro and have problems with line twist. I've been using mono which works, but I see some guys using braid? Any recommendations? Thanks a ton!

  23. Just gotta say, after checking out some other guys videos, it's so nice not to see you in a jersey advertising for 12 different sponsors, I think I've only seen you advertising for mystery tackle box on your shirts, and that's okay, cause I'm a subscriber now lol! Keep up the good work

  24. Hey Gene, have you ever fished Beaver Lake in NorthWest Arkansas?  I call it the dead sea.  There isn't much grass around, what would you target with these lures on a lake that is mostly rock/gravel bottom?

  25. Would these techniques work on a grass flat where the grass is pretty tall – its about 5ft tall in approximately 6-7ft of water? Thanks!

  26. Great video as always! Can you give me a quick explanation on how fishing the wind is different then fishing without wind? Thanks in advance.

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