Bass Fishing Tackle – How to fish and where to fish crankbaits.


Bass fishing tips and techniques. Crankbaits are an important part of any bass anglers tackle. Stephen Fatherree, Lake Fork Bass Fishing Guide, shows what types, models, and colors of crankbaits catch fish in shallow water.


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29 Replies to “Bass Fishing Tackle – How to fish and where to fish crankbaits.”

  1. Red works great on lots of lakes during the early spring, especially on lakes in the South and in Texas. In some areas a brown or orange bait will work better than red. I hope this helps!

  2. It's never too late to fish crankbaits my friend. During the late summer to early fall I like to have a 1/2 oz lipless crankbait and a deep diving crankbait tied on at all times. The lipless bait is great for shallow grass and points while the deep crank works best in 10-15 ft on offshore points, humps, and roadbeds. I hope this helps, thanks for the comment!

  3. I live near a lake where most of the fish are farm raised and it being the middle of summer, what do you suggest for me? The water (aside from being a little green) is pretty clear.

  4. I would throw a squarebill or deep diving crankbait on cloudy days and a dropshot worm or carolina rig on sunny days. Focus on long points or humps where fish can have quick access to both shallow and deep water. If there is any cover such as rocks, timber, or grass make sure to fish those areas well.

  5. it's nice video.  Do you have a video "HOw not to lose your crankbait?"  it's funny but i hate losing my bait during fishing.  Thanks

  6. Use nothing but Megabass and Livetarget lures and you wont lose them. Always tie a palomar knot and you will break your rod in half before u break the crank!

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