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Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!

Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers! Part 2 …


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26 thoughts on “Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!

  1. I am a new fisherman. Being disabled my brother does most of the carrying; however, I have learned so much from the InformativeFisherman videos. I had so many opportunities for learning to fish from a pro who was my boss, but I wasn't into fishing then. Thanks for the knowledge.

  2. I'm a student and don't have a whole lot of money to buy multiple rods. I typically fish for panfish so I have smaller rods, I am in the market for a a good bass rod bait caster preferable. Does anybody know what would be a good overall rod for multiple techniques (worms, jerks, cranks, etc….)?

  3. Funny I took my 4 year old daughter fishing. She was throwing rocks in the water being loud. Back to back casts with a rapala skitter pop pulled 2 bass in ten-fifteen out. They might not spook that easy.

  4. I feel like im the only guy who fishes with rods that you can take apart. I just find it easier for transporting around the banks with trees and such. Also, akrasy, it had to be said lol

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