Bass Fishing Tips– Plastic Worm Basics

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How to fish a plastic worm correctly! Any questions or comments please goo ahead!! Subscribe for more great videos and check out my recent vids 😀


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32 Replies to “Bass Fishing Tips– Plastic Worm Basics”

  1. The way i would always do it is exactly how your buddy does it, the wrong way. Great tips! i subscribed.

  2. Thanks for sharing.  Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake, within 20 miles of Marion, KY offer some of the best crappie, bass, catfish and bluegill fishing in the nation. Professionals and amateurs alike enjoy the vast fishing opportunities these great lakes have to offer.

  3. Watch'd your vid yesterday, use the tips today and caught 3- 2+ lb's.. Thanks! very helpful!

  4. I am a firm believer in the use of bait caster, been fishing 29 years and only seen a small handful use a spinning reel. But both reel in fish so rock on..

  5. Just watched this video yesterday, followed your technique to the letter. I gotta admit, that I know nothing about fishing and have just gotten into it. After watching this video, I went out with my boys and caught 6, 4lbs+ bass on 13 casts. So freaking fun. My boys were jeolous and asked to take my spot, which I let them have. They didn't catch 1 thing. They left, and I came back over and POP!, another one. Thanks for the info.

  6. Only thing is that not all lakes you can fish the bottom some have very thick vegetation on the bottom.

  7. You shouldn't raise it all the way up to your head, you can miss fish that are finicky and just short striking! Ive had partners that fish their rod all the way up to their heads and miss majority of their fish that way. If you keep your rod about 2-3 ft lower than up by your head it gives less slack in the line and you can reel down a lot faster to set the hook. It helps out a ton when the bass are being finicky or not committing to it 100%

  8. Thank you so much man i have pretty much given up on worms because the bottom is really rocky and i bank fish alot which to me seems to get less bites but thank really encouraging

  9. There must be at least fifty ways of fishing a plastic work, and all of them work, depending on conditions.  I've caught a lot of fish with relatively fast, steady retrieves, and with very slow, steady retrieves.  I've caught a lot of fish without retrieving the worm at all.  I've caught a lot of fish with worms using  so many other techniques I can't even remember some of them.   The way you fish a plastic worm is pretty good, but I think it's down around fourth or fifth of how to do it right.  I don't know many, or any, pro fishermen who use it very often at all.

  10. This technique worked so well! I lost count of how many bass I caught the next day after I watched this! Thanks man

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