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Bass Fishing With Balloons and Shiners!

Today, I show you an old technique my father taught me. This technique is great when fishing with live bait! I hope you enjoy the video, and God bless!!

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26 thoughts on “Bass Fishing With Balloons and Shiners!

  1. Great video Gene, I live down here in Fla. and another reason we use balloons is we fish near reed beds and if the bass runs up in them, the balloon will bust if it gets caught unlike conventional floats. Thanks again for a great video.

  2. Well that's on her fishing Richard looks awesome looks like you're having a ball really that first one was an awesome fish love it love it keep up the good work thank you so much for the video

  3. I use balloons for big catfish in Illinois live the video and I got me some Bobby garland jigs the other day imma take them out this spring crappie season

  4. Great video mr gene that was some nice work 1 thing fishing that way with wind blowing that hard will it make a difference if the wind if it not blowing so hard in that type of fishing to hang more fish or less just your personal opinion take care nieghbor. Thanks Your friend in Tuscaloosa

  5. Great show brother you never fail to impress. Your great advice is spot on and truly appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. When you find Elmo send him to the auto parts store for some pure silicone spray for the squeaking trolling motor the silicone won't hurt rubber or plastic, of course good video with or without the squeak.

  7. Hey gene how is that Abu Garcia 3600? I hear a lot of mixed reviews if you say its a good reel its probably a good reel I was thinking about buying one for cat fishing

  8. I use to do this in FL and also I use to catch big Stripers/Rockfish on Old Hickory Lake with live shad and balloons. I caught a 50 pound plus Drum with a live shad but no balloon. They closed my fishing spot to fishermen though. It was a power plant. I like to fish on grass too.

  9. This is a salt water method we use in The Bahamas. Never in a million years would I have thought to use it in fresh water.

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