Bass Fishing With Cheap Fishing Lures From WalMart – Ozark Trail

Today I’m out bass fishing with cheap Ozark Trail fishing lures from WalMart. Ozark Trail is a budget brand available at Walmart Stores. I got two of these lipless crankbaits for $1.50! I have also seen Ozark Trail frogs, jerkbaits, crankbaits, as well as tackle boxes sunglasses and other gear. All of it was priced affordably. You don’t need expensive gear to go bass fishing. The bass really don’t care how much your lures cost. Give the Ozark Trail fishing lures a try if you are into cheap bass fishing. You can find them at WalMart.

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42 Replies to “Bass Fishing With Cheap Fishing Lures From WalMart – Ozark Trail”

  1. This channel really lives up to its name, and in the best way. Thanks for showing us how affordable and accessible fishing can be. 🙂

  2. I have caught trout off the cheap Walmart spinners that look like rooster tails. For $1.00 they are well worth buying a handful. My girlfriend caught 2 small mouth bass off the Walmart lure version of the kast master on our last fishing trip. Those ran $2 each.

  3. It always happens especially when you're on the fish and you snag a Luer that was catching them and you don't have any more of them lol that's fishing

  4. Duuude i live two minutes from there,I just cross 109 and I'm there.ive had good luck in that pocket to the left of that dock.kinda shallow though.

  5. Not meaning any hate just trying to help you along your fishing. When a fish take your lure if they are cheap the hooks arnt as sharp. So changing the hooks or setting the hook a bit more aggressively. I'm assuming you use more expensive lures with better hooksh?

  6. Ozark trail is officially the best brand for almost anything outdoors. Because it’s cheap, and it works.

  7. Wow! You right the bass doesn't care if the bait cost 10.50 or 1.50. I think tackle is over price anyway. You go to bass pro and pick up 5 bags of different soft plastics you ticket will be between 30-40 even higher.

  8. I'm supposed to be getting my kid ready for school. But I'm in the bathroom watching your video. The teacher will understand. Found this lure yesterday at a flea market. Its why i clicked on the video. Awesome!

  9. Something people don't understand is it can be cheap expensive or home made if it shines and has good action they will bite it expense has nothing to do with it

  10. Ozark Trail makes good stuff in general. or does good knock offs of stuff in general

  11. Looks a lot like a rat-l-trap with a fatter belly to me. Definitely will work! Tip though… pop them straight up rather than to the side.. Reason being is what you discovered: they get snagged easily. I get snagged less popping them straight up. A decent one will thump on the way up that you can feel. They flutter on the way down. Great video! Realistic indeed lol .

  12. People say its generic because they know it's from Wal-Mart. Work just as well as any other cranks.

  13. I LOL'd when you said you lost your rig in a tree. Tree hangups are the worst. It's like a haha your $10 and frustration hanging in a tree staring at you laughing like a tacky worthless Christmas decoration in July!

  14. This was my first bass lure i ever bought and i caught my first catfish probably no longer then 12 inches, since after watching this i realized i dont have that lure anymore. And i havent seen them since all those years ago till i watched this video. After fishing for so long, i kinda want to try and find it again and fish with it for good memorys

  15. Expensive lures are designed to catch more fishermen than fish.

    The largest fish I've caught was a 7lb hooked by a little, cheap rooster tail.

  16. I’ve done really well with the ozark lures, where I live we could only get the crawdad hardbait

  17. I bought and used that exact lure! Both of them worked great until I snagged them somewhere I couldn't get them out of. I can't find them at Wally-world anymore.

  18. Is it weird to catch catfish on lures? I've caught so many that way but people get surprised when I tell them

  19. Hate my walmart, they never have any good deals other than like the dock demon and ugly stick combo's. fishing lures are always a mess, they have a super limited selection, and the salt-water huge lures takes up over half of the section, even though no one really buys anything from here for salt water. no ozark trail at all. few strike king and cotton cordell and that's about it. there's another few walmarts but all over 45 minute drive. all with just barely better selection. I really wanted to get more into jigs and crankbaits but the selection in my area for cheap lures is just horrible. I think the cheapest is the cotton cordells but they're like 4$+ for 1/8th ounce stuff here.

  20. If the cats will hit it than those green guys will strike at it!! LOL Great job Alex!!

  21. That catfish was just swimming along when oh snap y am I swimming side ways …. not again lol

  22. everyone foulhooks a fish its gonna happen i get the turtles last year i was gettin some nice bass in a deep drop off and after an hour okus i hooked up wutha monster i thought it was a 6 pound bass, it was a dang snapprer but it felt like a bass the entire time which it was blew cme away and it may be the biggest letdown on a hook up i ever get anyway thats the way the cookie crumbles in bassland

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