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Bass fishing with crankbaits

Caught a bunch of nice fish on a variety of crankbaits. A bass pro shops tourney crankbait in crawfish was the hottest bait. Enjoy in HD….


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30 thoughts on “Bass fishing with crankbaits

  1. Awsome videos I love how you use different ctanksg and not the usual brand names proves strike king and luckycraft like cranks arnt the only ones that catch fish , I love seeing fish caurght on the cheeper cranks ,more power too them cheers

  2. all y'all given lip about how small the bass are need to can it cuz this young man is having a blast catchin tons o bass. the thrill of catching fish regardless of size will always outweigh the sport of it

  3. I love seeing your excitement catching those fish. Great job awesome video. Nice to see a video of a young person enjoying nature . I'm sick of all the prank videos and smart ass videos,ย  etc… keep it up

  4. Great catch! I also love the BPS crankbaits. Have you ever try their Crankin' Stick rods? Would you mind checking out my channel and let me know what you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

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