Bass Fishing with Flutter Spoons. 50 Pounds of Winter Bass.

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Flutter spoons are great at mimicking a dying threadfin shad in the Winter and as you can see in the video, it’s an easy snack for those big largemouths. Some spoon fishing tips are at the end of the video.


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37 Replies to “Bass Fishing with Flutter Spoons. 50 Pounds of Winter Bass.”

  1. Ty for this video.. I love catching bass on spoons.. th For the shiney vs. White lesson.. Nothing like getting a bass on the flutter going down..

  2. What kind of electronics are you running man? I fish out of a boat about the same size as yours and only have 2 batteries. One for the outboard and one for trolling motor, do you also have a on board charger?

  3. Where do you sit on the water when you find these bass?  Do you find under water humps or points?  I have struggled up here in NC and last weekend in the Lake Norman Carolina bass challenge I couldn't even get a bite 🙁  Water temp was 44 to 45 

  4. I'm 48 and have lived in Tennessee and fished for bass my whole life. l have caught a lot of big bass, 38 over 8lb. just this past fall I caught a 11lb 1oz largemouth. l've watched a lot of bass videos including Bill Dance, KVD and all the big dogs. You and your wife have the best Big Bass videos I have ever watched. Keep up the good work

  5. could you do a video showing your rods and explaining what techniques/baits you would use for each. thanks nice video

  6. Nice Video and Bass.  I live up here in Wisconsin and looking to adapt the Flutter Spoon techniques on lakes her. We don't have lots of shad – but we have smelt, shiners, alewives and other baitfish in our waters.  What water temp. ranges do you use this technique? In the video, the water temp was around the 52 degree range.  Our water temps as of now are in the low to mid 50's.  What type of rod do you use – length, power, action…..  Regarding line – do you prefer mono, flouro, or brain, or braid with a flour leader?? Thanks for any info you reply with

  7. I love your vids dude you catch big mouth basses like a boss and act as if like u found a catch fish as if they were in a barrel.your awesome

  8. Nice quality fish.Never new bass liked the spoon,used to catch walleye with spoons when was a kid.Guess im gonna get the 40 year old spoons out lol.Thanks Russell

  9. Awesome fish, and vid. Do u think u can make a tackle box showing of all your lures and rigs, thanks

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