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Bass Fishing with Frogs Mid Day


The frog bite doesn’t just happen at dark. You can fish vegetation canopies just like you would docks and other shad for bass during the middle of the day except sue a frog. When the sun is hitting the lily pads, it actually create a good silhouette of the frog on top of the lil pads. Made sure to use a heavy rod and braided line when fishing frogs so you can pull the fish out.

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38 thoughts on “Bass Fishing with Frogs Mid Day

  1. I Hit two bites out of the water today, I didn't land either one though… why is the hook not setting in?

  2. Great video!!! When "froggin'," which frogs do you like to use??!! I've had SUPER success with Strike King Super Toads and Ribbit Frogs (big and small)!!!

  3. Great job on the videos. I'm new to bass fishing. you tie braid directly to frog or are you using leader?

  4. i use frogs all the time and i get bites left and right but can never get them to stay hooked idk if its the frog or if im not hookin them right

  5. how do u always set the hooks w the frogs I miss 9/10 on my frog… do u bend the hooks up? or use trailer hooks

  6. There are so many frog colours nowadays. How do you pick what colour to use? Do you really think it matters when the fish really only see the bottom of the lure?

  7. So stoked! Saturday alone I had more blow ups at my new frog then I've had in the five yrs I've been bass fishing, and it all started between 11:00am-1:00pm. any clues as to why mid day on a hot, clear, blue bird day but nothing all morning from 4:30 am – 11am, and nothing in the evening from 2 or 300pm – 9:00pm? I had one blow up Friday evening aroud 5:30pm but lost her. I've never worked a frog so early in the season because usually here in the Pacific northwest AKA " north of seattle, 15 minutes from Canadian border" the weather is usually cold, windy & rainy until may-june & most times up too July 4th weekend, and therefore very little or no cover. its not until early-mid June that the reeds and pads start immerging above the surface providing cover. our one good bass lake is stained year round and the deepest part 10ft, MAYBE 12ft if I'm lucky. constantly choked out with weeds just below the surface about 2 feet and as soon as the weather warms up I've seen and its a common occurrence that the entire lake is almost one solid mat. Any suggestions for fishing a poorly maintained bass lake, that's stained year round, can't ever see beds so its a constant guessing game, the fish don't bite when in most all other cases (fishin tv shows, YouTube vids) they do, and accept in the dead of winter when the weeds are a little deeper, there's never a chance to fish a crank baits, spinner baits, chatter baits, ANYTHING with an exposed hook or treble hooks. yes! we've done very well on a 5" pumpkin or watermelon sanko worm, but that is VERY limiting especially when everyone and there cousin is throwing the same thing. I picked up a few jigs straight from your vids and matching trailers. just not much if any good areas for working a jig, at least in comparison to the vids I see all over YouTube. One major dock to fish, which is always crowded with the lines in all directions from the trout fisherman, so that's useless. a little guidance & suggestions would be much appreciated justin, and from anyone else that took the time to read this rediculous long message. thanx & tight lines gents!

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