Bass Fishing with Lures sent by Subscribers – Bass Fishing Challenge

Bass fishing with lures sent in by subscribers is a challenge. This post spawn bass fishing from the bank can be tough. It takes me four days to catch three bass on a combination of lizards and senkos. I catch the fist small largemouth bass on a zoom lizard and two more on a wacky rig senko. Thanks to YBROutdoors for sending mail to the show. If you want to send mail to the show, the address is in the description. I had a great time with this bass fishing challenge with lures sent in by subscribers.
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34 Replies to “Bass Fishing with Lures sent by Subscribers – Bass Fishing Challenge”

  1. I would say challenge won!!! I hate it when my tip is messed up lol lol Great video man as always . Nice bass at the end looked like a football was in it 👍👍

  2. Good stuff! I’ve been catching them from the bank the last couple of weeks right on weeds like that, but with spooks and other top water lures.

  3. Man dedicated to catch stuff! Great bass! You should come up here to the mountians some time the fishing here is brutal man! I would love to catch bass like that last one but they are few and far between sadly.

  4. Nice grind bro it aint always easy. When i dont find fish close to the bank and its hot i go deeper its cooler for them or catch the at the bank feeding early in the morning.

  5. Can I send you a Daiwa tatula rod and reel and get your thoughts and reaction on what a little bit extra money gets you compared to what you're used to

  6. I think what this video teaches is so important. Fishing is inconsistent and often baffling. Patience and perseverance is the name of the game. Feeding patterns and conditions change. One hour the bite can be going off and the next the fish seem to disappear. Stay after them. That’s realistic!

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