Bass Fishing With NetBait Lures From Walmart – Baby Action Cat

Today I am out bass fishing with more lures from Walmart, the NetBait Baby Action Cat. This soft plastic creature bait resembles a crawfish but also resembles a baby brush hog. The package refers to this lure as a tube, and it does have a hollow center. I am fishing this on a Texas Rig in shallow water. I miss one bass early on, but manage to land a decent one after moving to a different fishing spot. If you see the NetBait Baby Action Cat at a Walmart Near you, give it a try on your next bass fishing trip.

I also pick a winner from the Cristie Critter Giveaway! Be sure to send me your shipping info if you won!

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48 Replies to “Bass Fishing With NetBait Lures From Walmart – Baby Action Cat”

  1. I always carry a gun when I go fishing. I've run into really shady and uncomfortable characters out there. Stay safe man.

  2. With all the baits you review I think you should do a video of you top 5 most successful baits or your favorite baits

  3. Great video like always Realistic. That person in that blue truck act like they never seen a true fishing man before.😁

  4. Nice video man i just caught 13 bass in 2 hours on the senko yesterday at one of my local lakes i would say thats not to bad all the bass were between 12 and 18 inches i hope you get on some fish like that soon😊😊😊

  5. I couldn't help but laugh when you said you can't go fishing without some weird guy doing weird sh*t lol thumbs up buddy.

  6. I drive a blue truck, but I'm not a creeper. Why waste perfectly good time you could use to fish staring at people?

  7. Kind of a bizarre that person wandering around like that. One way keeping it Realistic is packing a .380 cause you never know with these weirdos. As always, Like your videos a lot! be safe out there.

  8. Dude, the same thing just happened to us. It’s in the vid I uploaded today. What the hell is with people? Like, do you not know you’re being creepy as hell, are you angry cause you wanted this spot maybe? Maybe he recognized you and was thinking of saying hello. But seriously, lots of people who fish and hunt carry guns. Probly not a great idea to drive up on them and act anything but friendly. Was funny how you reacted tho, lol.

  9. I hate when you’re fishing and people stare at you like that. As if it’s pointless you’re fishing

  10. I enjoy these videos so much. Mostly because I can only go fishing 2 days out of the week for no more then 3 hours.

  11. Bro nice video you should lookin getting a yak would love to see some yak vids from you

  12. Dude, I love that you focus on the budget baits. I love bargain bin shopping, but… I shy away from them often. I like that you usually prove that you dont always have to have the most expensive stuff to have a fruitful day on the water!
    Thanks for what you do. Keep it real!

  13. That weirdo was star struck and didn't know how to approach u! Lol 💯💪👊LET'S GO!!!

  14. Had to be a fan in that truck or a serial either one XD nice little bass! May try them out. I like the baby paca by netbaits. Keep it up man! Congratz to the winner!!!!

  15. The bass bite is almost nonexistent right now,here in southwest Ohio. I’ve kinda put it on hold during this insane crappie spawn we’ve been having! The bite has been wild.

    I’ll probably do some bass fishing tomorrow

  16. That's the number 1 reason I got my carry permit. Catfishing form the bank at night. You never know what weirdos are going to come out at night.

  17. if the dude in the blue vehicle offers you candy just run…🤣😂😁🍭🍬🍫🚷

  18. You mean it didnt rain on you, yup I hate when people stop and creep while fishing you never know what they will do now days.I hope to go fishing this weekend and try out some new baits I got.

  19. I’ve been trying to tell the difference between bass varieties lately, and that one looked like a spotted bass. Can you tell me how you identified it as a largemouth? Still trying to learn.

  20. Lmao when he pulled up and just stared you down?!? What a weirdo! I'm not a bass fisherman but i like your channel man. Keep it up. Can't wait to watch you catch a 10 pounder!

  21. At first I thought, maybe that guy in the truck wanted to see you catch a fish, but if that was so, he would have just got out the truck and came over, so no telling what his suspicious activity was about. Anyway, that was a nice bass!

  22. Great vid dude! That shirt is sick! Chatt Cats have got some killer cat catches. Seasons of the abyss is probably their best album man! Slayer! Sorry about that whack Live feed I'm new to this so I'm working on Better content and not being so damn nervous on the live feeds hahaha! I really appreciate you stopping by my live feed! I'm gonna be all up in your vids man! Your content rocks! Great stuff! Great editing too!

  23. As usual great video. Be advised you never know what guy like that is up to on the C&D canal there's a stretch that is frequented by gay men so you have to careful who you wave to as you're driving or fishing returning a "friendly "wave can be taken as an invitation.

  24. Thanks for share RF.. cool vid…very often happen to me …on that vid…😂😂😂😂😂hat fly away strong wind 😂😂

  25. This is by far my favorite fishing channel on YouTube. You have re ignited my passion for bass fishing

  26. Dude in the truck was thinking "Is that the dude from Realistic Fishing?!?!?" Maybe he was starstruck! Cheers.

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