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Bass Pond Spring Spawning Tactics

Here I show you how I like to look for bass that might be getting ready to or already spawning in ponds and lakes. I use a technique of slowly working a stick bait around on flats and in pockets around cover to locate where the bass are causing around.

Jacks Feeding Underwater Slow Motion

V Day Bassing with Steph

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44 thoughts on “Bass Pond Spring Spawning Tactics

  1. @lakeforkguy did you take a fishing class in college or did you figure all this stuff on your own

  2. Hey there, just curious; What software are you using for your video annotations? (ex. the tips displayed from time to time on the bottom of the video)

  3. is it important that you stand away from the waters edge? i have a habit of just about putting my toes in the water. lol

  4. With all the due respect, my friend. You are not supposed to fish for basses when they are in spawning time. Once stressed they often don't go back to pprotect their nest from predators, so one bass you catch means many basses less for the future. you may have lots of basses where you live and dont feel that as an issue yet but that's stiill wrong as this way of acting is what made most of the civilized woorld waters poor of fish! Sorry for that, cheers

  5. Im new into bass fishing and through the years of hunting, I've found many big ponds that have a lot of life… But a lot of times, i can't catch anything.. Especially with worms. I sometimes do decent with Chatterbaits. Any tips? The ponds are really grassy/mossy.

  6. I was spawning and all the sudden a huge 9 and a half pound bass SMACKS it I was fighting it for a good 10 mins and when I landed it I got a great look at it and I was so sore after that!!!

  7. i luv ur vids I watched them sence my skate crash I dislocated my right shoulder and got a major concusion

  8. Some of the ones in one of the ponds I fish in have already spawned n I went out to it today n there was a bass chasing things around some trees by the bank but it's hard to cast to that spot. I guess he's an older n smarter one than the lil ones. I tried several different baits but didn't think about trying a stick bait. That one u used is something I need in my tackle box

  9. Hey Mr. Justin,I'm a friend of Mike's and I asked him the same question but I fish a pond that has a shallow flat that's less than 8 inches deep that surrounds both lakes that extends about 15 feet from the bank. There is absolutely no structure other than rip rap by a bridge and I didn't know where they'd spawn. I don't have any offshoots like you have, its just a boot-shape and an M-shaped pond. Do you know where they would spawn? Anything helps! Thanks!

  10. you should not through them because they will go into shock most of the time and die so you should hold them in the water for a few seconds

  11. I always use live bait . But i try using jigs and plastic worms but i don't know when or how to reel them in . And suggestions?

  12. What baitcaster are you using that allows you to cast weightless senkos ?? I have the bass pro tourney special but can only cast About 1/4 oz baits and above .

  13. How often do you break off or loss baits to hanging up on structures? I'm on a budget so losing baits all the time can be rough. At the same time I realize that a guy has to try and go for some of the cover to catch bass tight in the cover. Any thoughts would be appreciated? Thank you

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