Bass Pro Shops Fishing Tank Seminar

Bass Pro Shops Fishing Tank Seminar.


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11 Replies to “Bass Pro Shops Fishing Tank Seminar”

  1. Just so some of you know, the lures we use do not have hooks. If you watch closely, these fish are smashing the bait but you can't hook them b/c there are no hooks.

  2. I fish the spool a lot, love it! Its a great big fish lure. Glad to hear you got your spook back from the toothy fish.

  3. I have a question, have you ever used a Zara Spook? I've caught some monster bass on those. I caught a 19 inch and aobut 4 1/2 pound largemouth off shore at my uncles. He moved though. I also had either a pike or a muskie hit my giant zara before, it was awesome but it broke my line, I got it back though and it had teeth marks all over it.

  4. Thanks man. I know the quality wasn't good, this was more so I could show some of my sponsors what these nights are like. Thanks for watching and for your comments bud.

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