BassMasters Lake Chickamauga – Big Bass Roland Martin


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  1. Wow. Brandon is the first Fulsail Graduate I've ever heard of with a job. He will be paying off them loans for the next 20 yrs though.

  2. Roland Martin the Highlander. Every time he catches a fish he takes it's youth. He's caught a lot of fish. Seriously I'd like to see your pops fish a few more tournaments and watch him kick some butt.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy watching your interactions with your dad. You both give out so much information, and helpful hints. Because of these videos, I will never forget what transition banks are, and it has helped me key in on more fish. Awesome stuff, dude.

  4. what tips do you have for rainy semi cold weather in Oklahoma to catch good size bass?? and thanks for the inspiration to start fishing again you have been a big part of it that kind you scott marti!!!

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