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Best Day EVER Bass Fishing a Farm Pond!!! TOPWATER (WHOPPER PLOPPER)PART 1

This was truly an incredible day of bass fishing a Virginia farm pond. Part 1 starts in the morning with an amazing topwater bite using the famous River2Sea Whopper Plopper 130. The bass fishing was amazing throughout the day, and with so much action, I decided to make multiple videos out of the footage. Stay tuned for additional episodes from what was my best day of farm pond bass fishing ever!!!

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50 thoughts on “Best Day EVER Bass Fishing a Farm Pond!!! TOPWATER (WHOPPER PLOPPER)PART 1

  1. After watching this, I went to go buy the same Whooper Plopper size and scheme. Dear god it worked, caught back to back monsters. A 5lb and 7lb. Then I bird nested my reel and ruined my day. Haha. Anyways, thanks for the lure tip. Caught my personal best twice.

  2. hey man, about to purchase a new drop shot rod, whats the name of the white news rod you use for your spinning set up?

  3. Great vids, you just talk to much.. lol understand it's meant to be instructional, but you repeat yourself over and over.

  4. Absolutely love your videos! You've definitely taught me a lot from your videos and helped me become a better angler! Awesome to see you fishing in VA since thats where I'm from!

  5. The section of this video where you catch the second fish and the boat spins around is truly one of my favorite shots I've ever seen on YouTube! Keep up the good work

  6. What kind of boat is that and how much are they?  I'm looking for a small 2 person, but that looks almost as good.  We can get two.

  7. DUDE!!! Those Whopper Plopper are THE TRUTH!!! Instead of the Black one, throw the White one ("Bone" is the color name)!!! I've been catching big ones all week long here in Buda, TX.!!!

  8. i love the happiness its so cool thats how i get. i caught my PB last week 7.4 on that exact 130 WP black and white but in a tiny creek.

  9. One of the best, most underrated fishing you tubers!!!!! Love your style man, Keep up the good work!!!!  Looking forward to Part II!!!!!

  10. Omg it's a giant lol. You're on a 5+ acre farm pond dude . You could throw boogers and catch giants in farm ponds. Take on some public waters next time. Cool vid but farm ponds are like fishing in a aquarium.

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