Best Whopper Plopper Strikes You Will See All Year!!


You will see in this video why we host competitions and contests throughout the year. We have some of the greatest fans and followers and they have submitted some EPIC topwater blowup footage! Thanks to everyone who submitted videos and photos so far and we still have two weeks remaining.

Also, go check out the anglers in this video:
Gilberto Bory:
Matthew Simmons:
Chaos Paddlers:

All the Lady Anglers listed here:


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48 Replies to “Best Whopper Plopper Strikes You Will See All Year!!”

  1. This is honestly the best pump up video to watch before you go out fishing for the day/night!!! Awesome Job!!!

  2. Chaos Paddlers Love your paddle @ 6:54, did you do that yourself or did you have someone do it for you?

  3. When i was a kid, i saw my Grandfather catch two bass on a top water bait, but not 5 or 6 lures on one line lol, that was cool !!

  4. landing any sish like a oragasm… my pregnant wife still want to fish with … i cant stop her…. i loive fishing…. what a great video and best competiom ever … after 4 year hiatus(drugs) just got back into it…. BamaBass your an inspiratio… Thank u… been clean and most sober for two years… follow me @jujube0187 Today I live life the the fullest…. Im still on that hunt for that Lunker 19lbs… on the bucket list… gonna happen with my wife… tightlines I enjoy and love the show… please dont ever stop

  5. My personal best was from a whopper popper too, the bass was 24 inches and 8 lbs. it was the biggest blow up I ever since on top water

  6. Chaos Paddlers – 8:27.. LOL.. Awesome. Part one two and three of Bory's smashes were awesome! It's crazy to see what a fish will do sometimes to get a bait! He might as well just jumped into the Kayak.

  7. bama bass maybe we can get together and fish i live in the same town u do i recently started a youtube channel. you can email me at webeezfishing@gmail if u want to fish some time. like the videos.

  8. Its insane how bass track the whooper plopper right to the bank and then hit it. last night i got a blow up 1 foot away from me. And last week I caught one 2 feet from the bank. and smalli fishing with the whooper plopper is awesome to

  9. I caught a 4 lber and a dink on a kvd 1.5 squaerbill during a tournament. not on camera of course….

  10. I was frog fishing some reeds and a monster pike about 40+inches ; 15-20LBS came flying out of the water about 5ft from my kayak, scary right there lol.

  11. Bama you got to get a monthly sub box going, the baits I see you throw are freaking rad, your videos are awesome too . keep it up!

  12. Sadly my friends have wife's and them girls hate the fact that we have guy time and fish, they make us feel like shit for fishing. Single life rules!

  13. I just fished a WP for the first time yesterday morning and had two big fish follow the bait right up to the boat. Noticed the same thing happened a couple of times in the videos. Stephen, in your experience is this really common? Doing the old musky figure 8 at the end of a cast might be useful, although it would be almost impossible fishing from a kayak. Did catch a 3 pounder!

  14. Great video as always man. Quick question why is the Whopper Plopper so popular with yourubers right now?

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