Big Bass and 6th Place Tournament Fishing on the Northeast River

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Lures Used: strike king hack attack jig blk/blu (3/8, 1/2 ounce with zoom super chunk trailer)

Combo Used: Shimano Antares DC (40 lb suffix 832 braid) with g loomis 6′ 6″ MH/Fast mbr 783C

Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 3 black
Chest Mount


Location: North East, Maryland
Date: June 13, 2015
Primary Pattern: Flipping/pitching docks
Time Fished: 6:00 am – 2:00 pm
Air Temp: high of 86 degrees
Water Temp: 79 degrees
Water Clarity: 6-18 inches
Conditions: Variable with winds up from NW up to 10 mph


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47 Replies to “Big Bass and 6th Place Tournament Fishing on the Northeast River”

  1. Hi there i hope your having a wonderful day i am my dream was to become a youtuber and i finally have the chance to it would make me the happiest person ever i just want to have a channel that people like i post fishing and alot of outdoor things thank you and i hope god will bless you if you subscribe to my channel all it takes is clicking a button to make someone love life a million times more👍🎣❤️❤️

  2. The line lock is too tight
    Catch a little bit of violence when the fish
    Really envy you have this fishing ground
    Caught in Taiwan to take home to eat
    Small fish also eat
    In Taiwan to be thrown for several hours before the fish
    Reservoir fish to see the silhouette do not eat bait
    (Google Translate)

  3. grab the son…he's 5..head on down to the Chazy boat launch to do some fishing off the dock. Hey there's a bass tourney going on. boat comes in..the weight out and the fisherman comes over.."here ya go kid"..hands my son a bass that barely fits in our 5 gal bucket. other boats are coming yells over "hey catching any?" son reaches into the bucket and struggling pulls out the bass….lol…those guy were all "Holy shit!!! did you see that bass the kid caught off the dock!!!…
    best day my son ever had fishing.

  4. bro ive whatched almost all your vids dig the advice and go pro footy learnin new stuff every video if you ever come to oregon try the Mckenzie river for bomb salmon

  5. Ok so I need help I bought this cheap bait casting reel since I can't afford good ones and it only has one braking system on it by the handle and I can't fix backlash (need help)

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