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Big Bass and Bad Weather for $125,000 – Mississippi River FLW Tour

Bass fishing for $125,000 never gets old. Check out my journey, challenges and every fish catch while fishing the FLW Tour event on the Mississippi River out of Lacrosse WI. This is one of the most awesome fisheries I have fished…can’t wait to go back to Lacrosse! Hope you enjoy the RIDE.

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43 thoughts on “Big Bass and Bad Weather for $125,000 – Mississippi River FLW Tour

  1. Thank for watching and helping us grow. If you like the video please share it in your circles. We will be doing another "Fish with a Subscriber" contest as soon as we hit 200k. Thanks again for all the Support!! Follow us on IG @ScottMartinChallenge for more updates on the trip.

  2. Folks in that part of the country love that weather, but us FL people know enough to stay indoors. Cold is one thing, but cold and wet is unbearable. One of the quickest loads I ever picked up was at Lenox, IA in October – 33 degrees and raining. That midwest style it-ain't-gonna-stop-raining-all-day rain. Everybody in the plant was in a huge hurry to get off work… and go hunting. I drove out of there with the heater blasting sure those people were NUTS! That's a great view, though, coming down off that bluff into Lacrosse from MN.

  3. Hey Scott. If you dont mind, what hook (size and style) were you using for that dropshot? Thanks in advance, and Im loving the content of your channel. Keep it up!

  4. your videos are epic man , you got me hooked , I hadn't fished since I was a kid , I'm 31 now and about a month ago i bought a cheap bait cast combo and been fishing on local ponds and lakes almost everyday since . learning as I go . even got my seven year old son to come out and he caught a small mouth on his first cast that only cast out about four feet lol .I'm playing catch up on all your older videos but your the man . also on your details for the videos I see your rods listed but what reels are you using. I need to upgrade soon as I get a bit better on the bait cast .

  5. Thanks for the videos Scott! It's awesome seeing you keep going even though you're having rough bites and tough days! It helps us aspiring daydreamers when we lose our little tournaments! Keep going and God bless!!!

  6. Scott, Greetings from Canada! I think you guys do a great job on your show! It's awesome to see you interact with your followers on here! Keep up the good work dude!

  7. Great Job on your videos. Coming from someone just getting into bass fishing, it's great to see videos that are informative, helpful, and factual while still having fun and keeping the watcher interested. Big thumbs up.

  8. Not sure if you are fishing upper or lower Potomac next. But Aquia Harbor was banging last weekend for the Marine Corp Base Quantico Fishing Tournament. Pulled 16.75 lbs.

  9. Scott I live 2 mins from mount vernon which is right on the Potomac, it would make my whole year and my birthday which is coming up on the 14th if I could meet u and maybe fish with you for a day.

  10. how do co-angler pay outs work? i imagine its a portion of the professional pay out but yall 3rd day of fishing your alone with a marshal; do the co anglers only fish 2 days?

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