Big Bass Crushing the Whopper Plopper – Topwater Bass Fishing

Lure: Whopper Plopper
Color: Ra Ta Tat, Size: 90
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid Medium Heavy
Reel: Lews Magnesium
Line: 17 lb. Stren Mono
Trebles: #4 Triple Grip

Liz and I back at it again with the River2Sea whopper plopper in Rat Ta Tat color. We have been fishing it a good bit lately and have gotten some wild topwater strikes. It has become Liz’s favorite topwater bait. Make sure to check out the cool new colors at

Camera Gear:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
GoPro Hero 5 –
Chest Mount –
External Mic –
GoPro Housing –
Clamp Mount –
Suction Mount –
Micro SD –
Drone –
Zoom Camera for Blowups –
Editing Software –
Charging Station –

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49 Replies to “Big Bass Crushing the Whopper Plopper – Topwater Bass Fishing”

  1. Honestly think the Whopper Plopper is over rated as a bait used in a over populated pond and didnt catch anything even by the laydowns

  2. bama bass love the vids but what do you think the best one or color size for north Alabama like Gunersvill lake and Smith lake or catoma would be ill have a chance to buy one but not another one for a while just want to make a good pick lol

  3. I love the videos, and the commentary – all of it really – I just wish you guys used head cameras and not the chestie things.

  4. Hi..You do a great job with your fishing videos..and you are informative….keep it up and good luck!

  5. Cool video. I bought a plopper at the end of fall, cant wait for spring for the topwater in the north to heat up. Thing casts a mile.

  6. Ya know , you should have a challenge matching the old with new. Maybe the jitterbug vs the whopper plopper. I like the jitterbug . You can move it a steady retrieve , or a quick burst skitter . It produced some big strikes for me. Try it !

  7. looks like you lost a couple fish have u tryed setting the hook like a crankbait….if your setting the hook upward your driving the top part of bait where there are no hooks forcing bait out of it mouth if u set the right or left like a crank bait might have more hook ups.

  8. i cant stop the head portion from spinning. any ideas how to make it not spin around? worried about it messin my line up on my reel.

  9. Good video my dude! Were you using the 90 or 130 size? I'm looking into getting one and confused about which size to get. Or if I should just get one of each.

  10. Just started using whopper popper and it's pretty cool. Kind of like floating buzz bait with triple hooks.

  11. Hey so l'm from southern Wisconsin and i don't usually comment on this kind of stuff but i figured you would be the guy to ask this type of question. So i see there is all these good looking colors but does the color even really matter? Or is it just the belly? Hopefully you reply lol

  12. The music you put behind these videos is awesome!! Feel like I'm watching Gladiator or somethin'! LOL

  13. I am sorta found some people say I am full of crap but that never gets to me but I believe that the wopper ploppers work super good in the early mornings by alot of logs and they will kill it alot I love the wopper ploppers I have the pac-man and I have the yoda

  14. Is there anything you guys do to make your 90 size plopper plop better. On a long cast with a little chop on the water my 90 size plopper doesn't make that very distinct plopping noise

  15. I cant believe how many big bass bamabass catches its ridiculous he by far catches the biggest bass ive ever seen out of the fishing youtubers or anyone ive ever seen for that matter

  16. i want to buy one size whopper plopper. i want to be able to catch fish bigfer than four or five pounds but i also want to be able to catxh fish smaller than 2 pounds. what size do you recommend? if this isnt pissible ill have to buy two sizes.

  17. can i fish the whopper ploppee at any time of day, or just the morning like most top water?

  18. Man I love this bait and hope to someday be as good a fisherman as you keep up the good work and fish on!

  19. Great job catching those epic strikes. I just wish bass fought a little harder but great video man.

  20. I like the whopper plopper. Their not cheap though. They seem to foul up a lot; the line and front hook wrap up on casts which can be frustrating. They definitely catch fish.

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