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Big Bass in the Thickest Cover! Flipping Giant Weights and Big Rods

I show these boys how to Catch Big Bass in super thick cover – Flipping with giant weights can prove to be harder than you think. I show you my secrets on How to Flip heavy cover properly.

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35 thoughts on “Big Bass in the Thickest Cover! Flipping Giant Weights and Big Rods

  1. Scott, my boys and I love your videos (I grew up watching your dad)! We would like to hire you next time we are in Florida to fish Okeechobee, my lifelong dream! Do you still have time to guide with your busy schedule?

  2. Awesome show Scott Martin. Thanks for posting on youtube, and in the good old tv. I've been a fan from the early days. When or will you ever going to make a fishing movie?

  3. All these guys do is adverise, cant blame them they make their living that way. You don't need top of the line gear, and all that 7to1 gear ratio crap, get a decent rod and reel and fish. He has because he's sponsored. Bass hit every general bass lure they make, no need to get the lastet 20 dollar lure. I have caught tiger musky on a push button reel with a little crappie jig by accident. Fish will hit what they will when they are hungry. This whole generation of, "gotta look good while im fishing, sunglasses and a bass pro hat etc… Just fish. Women worry about what they wear not men.

  4. I really need someones help to take me somewhere to get my mind off what is going on I was really hoping that someone could help me I live your vids and everything you do I just need someone to help me take my mind off of what is going on and Im asking for your help or anyone I would really love it if you would reply or anything thank you so much

  5. Scott as I am sure you get tired of this question but since I didn't ask it yet it's like brand New! Any plans the elite series? It's interesting watching the few that made the change, they seem to be doing very good but it would be interesting to.see the stats..

  6. I watch Scott Martin videos not for the fishing at all. I like his enthusiasm for enjoying what he is doing. You need to have enthusiasm of some form for whatever you do in life, especially your job. Do something in your life that you can have some level of enjoyment, and if your job isn't that way, quit and keep trying new things till you enjoy what you are doing.

  7. awesome video dude looking forward to the next one. We're headed to disney world in October trying to talk the ole lady into not flying and us driving so I can drag the boat down there. SHE isn't going for it so far. WOMEN

  8. Love the videos Scott. My 16 year old son and I are fairly new to bass fishing and have learned quite a bit about technique from your channel. Most importantly…Thank you for proclaiming Jesus Christ as our Savior from your platform.

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